Bacteriostatic water 1 bottle/10 ml


Bacteriostatic water from Magnus Pharma is intended for dilution of drugs released in powder form (for example, peptides and growth hormones), which turns them into a suspension for injections. The use of bactericidal water will allow the ready-made solutions to be stored longer.

Bacteriostatic Water from Hilma Biocare is used to prepare drug solutions that are not subjected to further sterilization. Bactericidal water contains sterile water, benzyl alcohol and components of sodium chloride. These substances ensure long-term preservation of the peptide and prevent the reproduction of bacteria.



Unlike all other solvents that can be used by athletes for the administration of various drugs, bactericidal water is completely purified from all possible contaminants, is perfectly absorbed by the body and can be stored for a long period of time without losing its main properties.

Composition of bactericidal water

The chemical composition of Bacteriostatic Water from Magnus Pharm ensures the effectiveness of the substance and the ability to preserve the active properties of the finished suspension for a long time. Ready-made solutions must be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of no higher than 8 degrees.

Composition of the bottle:

  • Sterile water 98.2%
  • Sodium chloride 0.9%

What is bactericidal water used for?

  • high-quality dilution of powdered drugs, such as growth hormones, peptides, gonadotropins, and others,
  • the possibility of long-term storage of the received suspension for injections,
  • sterilization of drugs due to the special chemical composition of the solvent,
  • easier assimilation of the drug by the body.

Scheme of taking bactericidal water

In order for the result to be as comfortable as possible and guaranteed to be positive, you should follow only a few simple rules:

  • bottles with both the drug itself and the solvent should be sterilized before use with medical alcohol,
  • bactericidal water must be introduced into the bottle with the diluted drug using a medical syringe,
  • after complete mixing of the powder and solvent, the resulting preparation will be completely ready for use.

It is worth noting that if ordinary water for diluting the drug is allowed to be used only for a single injection, then the bactericidal solution can be used repeatedly. The fact is that when microorganisms from the outside enter ordinary water, they can further multiply and harm the body, such processes do not occur in a bactericidal solution. The substance remains sterile and is ready for use several times in a row.


Given that this substance is used to dissolve different powder preparations, the dosage depends on their type and is indicated in the instructions for use.

Side effects

Side effects of bactericidal water in adults are few, if any, and if they do occur, they may be related to pollution, solid particles, or soluble medicine.


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