F-Modafinil+ 30 capsules


F-Modafinil+ from Special Force Pharm is a complex that helps overcome mental and emotional stress by qualitatively improving the threshold stress tolerance, memory and mental productivity. The complex is designed for people who want to better cope with heavy psycho-emotional and mental overloads, be it a work environment, deadlines or sessions.



How does the nootropic F-Modafinil+ (Modafinil) work

It consists of two components, does not contain any fillers – unnecessary impurities. Both components have similar effects, but differ in the time of exposure (fast + long).

CRL 40-941 (Fluorafinil) appreciated for the long-lasting effect of the action, which improves the overall quality of wakefulness. The main feature of which is an anti-aggressive action that reduces your negative response, also helps to better tolerate stress.

PRL-8-53 directly affects the quality of memory. The percentage of memory efficiency reaches 205%. This is due to the production of neurotransmitters in the brain associated with memory and memories.

Benefits of Modafinil

  • Qualitative improvement of memory,
  • The best psycho-emotional state,
  • Suppression of impulsive behavior,
  • Anti-aggressive action,
  • The ability to tolerate stress or deadlines more easily,
  • Better neuromuscular connection, concentration,
  • Increase in mental productivity, endurance.

Features of the nootropic complex from Special Force Pharm

Activates the body's regulation of serotonin, a major factor in the normal activity of the central nervous system (CNS).There are two types of serotonin, the lack of the first (hormone of joy) affects mood and well-being, and the excess of the second affects obesity. Normalizing the activity of serotonin of the second type, the metabolic activity of cells increases, which activates fat burning processes.

It improves the body's ability to produce dopamine, which has a positive effect on the figure and general psychological state. Although it is called the hormone of joy, it is rather a hormone of motivation, since its sufficient level reduces impulsivity, suppresses negative thoughts and seriously affects the control of self-destructive behavior (bad habits, addictions, etc.). It also improves memory and prevents Parkinson's disease.

Fluoraphinyl improves the response of Acetylcholine, the most important mediator of the nervous system. It affects the quality of the transmission of impulses both to the brain and to muscle fibers, thereby improving the level of muscle contraction.

Also, in addition to improving memory, this is a noticeable verbal effect on the speed of word formation, flexibility in communication and a general beneficial effect on the communicative component. Raising the threshold of mental arithmetic – better speed of decision-making on the fly.

Composition of Special Force Pharm F-Modafinil+ (1 capsule)

CRL 40-941 – 40 mg

PRL-8-53 – 10 mg

How to take Special Force Pharm Modafinil

Take one capsule with water 30 minutes before mental activity. One in the morning to activate the long-lasting effect.


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