Gold Star EPH Bomb 60 capsules (50 mg Ephedra+DMAA)


Gold Star EPH Bomb is one of the best representatives of powerful fat burners (fat burners) on the market of sports nutrition, it also perfectly performs the function of pre-workout energy. It combines 3 key components (ephedra in a dosage of 50 mg! Geranium and caffeine), which have a complex effect on the utilization of the fat layer:



Features of the composition

  • Phenylethylamine helps to maintain focus on the training process and improves mental activity.
  • Di-caffeine malate is a combination of caffeine and malic acid. The substance has all the properties of ordinary caffeine, but it is significantly more active and is absorbed almost instantly in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ephedra triggers lipolysis processes and helps control appetite.
  • Nettle extract is specially added to the product to enhance the effect of fat-burning components.
  • Synephrine hydrochloride is the main active substance for warming up the body, it promotes active weight loss and improves metabolism.
  • Yohimbine acts on fat receptors, helping not only to destroy fat cells. But also contribute to the limitation of their deposition.
  • The supplement not only helps to lose weight, but also enhances this effect by giving energy to training. After all, EPH-BOMB from the Gold Star company is also an excellent pre-training complex.

Complex action of EPH-Bomb

  • Stimulation of the central nervous system and brain,
  • Strengthening of natural lipolysis with an increase in energy potential,
  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes,
  • Utilization of toxic substances and free radicals,
  • Decreased appetite,
  • Increased concentration and focusing,
  • Reduction of fatigue and depression,
  • Improvement of overall productivity and performance.
  • Method of reception

    On training days, 1 capsule before training.
    On rest days, 1 capsule 30-40 minutes after breakfast, drinking 250 ml of water.
    After 2 weeks of reception, you should take a 5-7 day break and repeat the reception cycle if necessary. You can ask our consultant for more detailed recommendations on admission.

    As a pre-workout, take 1 capsule before training (2-3 times a week), drinking water.


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