Kyaresta (Anastozol) 28 tab. (1 mg/1 tab.)


Kyaresta (Anastrazole) from Romastru Trading (Neola Pharma) belongs to a group of drugs called aromatase inhibitors. This means that the medicine prevents some actions of aromatase, an enzyme in the body that affects the concentration of some female sex hormones, such as estrogens.



It has been proven that anastrozole is relatively harmless for both women and men. If the recommendations are followed and the contraindicated side effect of the drug is excluded, it is mildly expressed or does not manifest itself at all. Nevertheless, the risk of formation and accumulation of side effects from the endocrine, central nervous and digestive systems of the body, as well as metabolism, cannot be 100% excluded: from nausea to arthritis.

The effectiveness of the drug is confirmed by the fact that just 1 dose of 1 mg of the drug can reduce the amount of estradiol by 80%.

Indications for taking Kyaresta

  • prevention of gynecomastia,
  • increasing the level of anabolic hormones in the blood,
  • increased relief (due to the elimination of the negative influence of estrogens),
  • prevention of hypertension,
  • reduction of estrogenic suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis, which leads to faster recovery.

Effects of taking Kyaresta

  • blocks the accumulation of excess fluid in the athlete's body,
  • suppresses the production of the hormone estrogen,
  • stimulates the natural production of male sex hormone,
  • is a prevention of testicular atrophy,
  • sexual attraction increases while taking this drug,
  • blocks the appearance of gynecomastia,
  • increases the tone of muscle fibers,
  • reduces the effect of female hormones,
  • the level of aromatization decreases by 80%,
  • increases the level of anabolic hormones
  • is an additional prevention of hypertension,
  • contributes to the creation of a more pronounced relief of the body,
  • muscles become denser and firmer.
  • Application and dosage of Kyaresta

    In bodybuilding, taking Anastozol, as a rule, lasts up to 10-14 days. Usually, during this period, the anti-estrogen manages to fully exert its effect without provoking side effects.

    There are two working scenarios, how you can take Anastozol.

  • The preventive method of reception implies the use of the drug from the first weeks of the course in a moderate dosage (0.25-0.50 mg once every few days) in order to control estrogenic activity.
  • Emergency in a high dosage (0.5-1 mg per day) after the onset of symptoms and before their reduction or complete disappearance.
  • Note: objectively, the first scenario is optimal, since it completely excludes the possibility of estrogenic complications.

    Side effects

    • the active growth of muscle tissue slows down,
    • there are joint pains,
    • bone strength decreases,
    • the level of bad cholesterol in the blood plasma increases,
    • sexual desire decreases,
    • the general condition of the athlete worsens
    • The action of Anastrozole can contribute to depression.


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