Ment+ 1 bottle/10 ml (75 mg/1 ml)


Ment+ (Trestolone Acetate) from TN Pharma is a 19-nor derivative hormone of nandrolone or the well-known deka, but with 7-alpha-methyl attached to it. It is close to trenbolone, but surpasses it in terms of potency. Note that this steroid is aromatized, thus increasing the level of estrogen. Therefore, be careful with water retention, bloating, and high blood pressure when taking strong antiestrogens such as anastrozole or letrozole.


Trestolone acetate is used in professional sports for extreme gains in muscle mass and strength. It is proven that trestolone acetate increases the level of growth hormone and IGF (insulin-like growth factor), eliminates problems with libido and gives you animal strength and mass – gains of 20-25 kg are quite possible for a trestolone cycle.

Action of Ment+ drug

Ment+ usually provides exceptional results in a relatively short period of time.

  • Ment+ is successfully used both to improve relief and to increase muscle mass and strength. the drug is not aromatized.
  • There is no high water retention, so the muscle mass gained during the cycle with Ment will be very dense and embossed.
  • Gives muscles great hardness. Its high androgenic effect reduces the likelihood of overtraining and accelerates recovery.
  • The muscles look voluminous and at the same time deeply defined. You should not expect a sharp increase in body weight from him, but the growth of the much-desired high-quality muscles is observed.

Dosage and reception

Most athletes inject Ment+ twice a week.

Experience shows that good results are achieved with a dosage of 1 ml every other day.Ment+ is a unique composition for achieving exceptional results for professional weightlifters, bodybuilders and bodybuilders.

When taking from 200 mg to 300 mg per week or 2-3 milliliters of Ment+, there is no risk for the liver. It is recommended to use in a cycle of up to 8-10 weeks.

With longer cycles, it is better to take testosterone stimulators at the end of the cycle.

Side effects

In the event of an overdose, hair loss with a predisposition, acne, excessive hair growth is possible. It is not recommended for women to take because of virilization!

Method of storage of the drug

Before starting to take the drug, carefully read the prescribing information. Ego should be stored in a dry place, away from heat and moisture. 15 – 25 C (59 – 77 F). Do not use after the expiration date.


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