NSI-189 30 capsules (40 mg/1 capsule)


The nootropic NSI-189 has the ability to stimulate the growth of neural stem cells in the hippocampus. It is believed that this part of the brain is responsible for storing and recalling memory, as for long-term, as well as for short-term memory. It can also be said that NSI-189 has the ability to grow the brain, stimulating the growth of new neural stem cells.



NSI-189 tends to stimulate neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells) and increase the total volume in the hippocampus. It is believed that this drug can lead to improvement of both short-term and long-term memory functions, as well as spatial navigation. It is believed that the effect on the hippocampus is how the drug helps to regulate mood and cause an antidepressant response.

There are several potential advantages of this drug, including:

  • This drug can potentially cure people with conditions associated with a decrease in the volume of the hippocampus. In other words, taking the drug will cause neurogenesis and initiate the growth of cells in certain areas of the brain. When a person stops taking the drug, these regions will already grow to healthier sizes, and the functions will be preserved.
  • Targeted at the hippocampus: This particular drug targets the hippocampus, which means it will improve functions related to memory. This can also help increase productivity when performing tasks that require a high level of spatial navigation. The main reason for targeting the hippocampus is that the main factor causing certain conditions is a reduced or diminished hippocampus.
  • Improves brain function.The drug can improve the overall functioning of the brain, including mental speed, dexterity and efficiency, especially in the hippocampus. This can lead to an improvement in the ability to retrieve memories (both short-term and long-term).
  • Neuroprotective / nootropic potential: it works to increase the volume and functionality of the hippocampus, it improves memory and cognitive functions. This can also help prevent age-related decline in cognitive functions and/or the development of neurodegenerative disorders.

Effects of nootropic NSI-189:

  • elimination of depressive state,
  • improvement of mood, creation of a positive emotional background, feelings of joy and pleasure from everyday affairs and surroundings,
  • significant improvement of both short-term and long-term memory, increased ability to learn and remember new information,
  • noticeable increase in cognitive abilities,
  • improvement of behavioral reactions,
  • reduction of restlessness and anxiety,
  • increasing stress resistance,
  • eliminates insomnia, facilitates falling asleep and waking up in the morning,
  • reduction of the urge to smoke

Method of reception:

1-2 capsules in the morning 30 minutes before meals with water.


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