Sp Cypionate 1 bottle/10ml (200mg/1ml)


SP Cypionate from Sp Labs is a synthetic version of Testosterone Cypionate, but it offers the body the same benefits as natural testosterone. It allows to significantly increase the main physiological indicators, which means to show the best results in the gym and sports.

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Testosterone cypionate is distinguished by a fairly long-lasting effect, as well as high androgenic and anabolic activity. The fact that the effectiveness of the mass-gaining course directly depends on the choice of long-acting testosterone ester is not a secret for anyone. The steroid allows the athlete to get excellent results even on solo courses.

Cypionate steroid profile

  • anabolic activity – 100% testosterone,
  • androgenic activity – 100% of testosterone (high),
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) – high (there is a need for anti-estrogens),
  • depression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis – pronounced,
  • liver toxicity – absent,
  • method of administration injection form,
  • duration of action – 15 days,
  • detection time – 3 months.

Effects of taking Cypionate

The main feature of this drug is a relatively short half-life. But this difference is very insignificant. Moreover, this drug, with proper use, allows the athlete to obtain results such as:

  • set of muscles at an accelerated pace,
  • increase in physical fitness indicators,
  • increasing endurance and giving motivation,
  • increasing the performance of joints and connective tissues,
  • strengthening of the bone system.
  • Cypionate application and dosage

    • the total length of the cycle is 8-12 weeks (some athletes can use up to 20 weeks),
    • beginners: 200-500 mg/week,
    • hobby: 400-500mg/every 5 days,
    • professional range: 1000-2000 mg/week,
    • half-life: 6-7 days,
    • detection time: 3 months (some athletes report a maximum time of about 12 months).

    Combined course

    The course differs little from "solo". The drug is most often combined with Nandrolone in a dose of 200 mg per week. The dosage of cypionate is on average 200 mg per week.

    Effective dosage for women: not recommended, secondary sexual characteristics may develop due to strong aromatization. At the same time, if men can get rid of gynecomastia and acne without problems, then in the case of girls, the side effects remain forever.

    Side effects

    The increase in body weight occurs not only due to the recruitment of muscle mass, but also due to water retention, the positive effect of which is a certain protection of the joints. Water retention occurs due to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Consequently, some estrogen-related side effects, such as gynecomastia, may occur. Such side effects occur, as a rule, when exceeding 500 mg. per week, but they can be avoided by using aromatase protectors or anti-estrogens such as clomiphene citrate, proviron. You can also try to use the natural aromatase protector zinc in a dosage of 75-100 mg daily. With long-term and high-dose use of Testosterone Cypionate, a reversible decrease in spermatogenesis may occur.

    The origin of the drug

    Testosterone cypionate has been known since 1937 under the name Testoviron, which dominated the market until the 1960s. Although cypionate has since lost its leading position, it is still widely used in the medical field, by bodybuilders and athletes.


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