Stromba 10 100 tab. (10 mg/1 tab.)


Stromba 10 (Winstrol, Stanozolol) from Omega Meds is taken by athletes in order to accelerate the growth of muscle mass and achieve truly impressive results. This drug is one of the oldest anabolic steroids available today


Winstrol in tablets has high bioavailability and stability (does not break down in the liver during passage) due to the alkyl group in the alpha-17 position, however, this makes stanozolol in tablets toxic to the liver. However, the injection form is also not without this drawback, the difference in toxicity and bioavailability of both forms of the steroid is minimal.

Stromba 10 steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity – 320% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity – 30% of testosterone
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogens) – no
  • The method of administration is oral,
  • Liver toxicity is moderate,
  • Half-life period – 18-24 hours.
  • The detection time is 200 to 240 days

Effects of taking Stromba 10

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is very popular in bodybuilding because its action differs from most steroids. The drug has an insignificant effect on body weight, but it gives relief to the muscles, strengthens the venous line and burns fat, so it is used mainly during drying courses.

  • The relief of the muscles is one of the main effects,
  • A significant increase in strength and endurance,
  • fat burning
  • Increased appetite,
  • Removal of excess fluid from the body,
  • According to scientific tests, oral stanozolol in the amount of 0.2 mg per kilogram of an athlete's weight lowers the level of globulin, which binds anabolic hormones, by 50%.This means that the effectiveness of taking other steroids in combination with stanozolol will increase significantly.
  • Application and dosage of Stromba 10

    A solo course of winstrol is conducted by athletes to obtain relief and venousness, as well as to increase strength indicators. In other words, this course is suitable for people who have sufficient body mass with moderate fat content.

    • The optimal dosage of Winstrol is 30-50 mg in tablets every day. Track and field athletes and boxers use, as a rule, lower doses – about 10 mg/day.
    • The duration of the course is approximately 4-6 weeks. When the duration of the cycle increases, the risk of side effects increases, primarily affecting the joints.
    • After the end of the course, after 2-3 days it is necessary to conduct PCT.
    • To get the maximum effect, take sports nutrition for relief.

    It should be noted that many experienced athletes recommend using stanozolol only in combination with testosterone. Such an approach allows you to reduce the risk of side effects, in particular, it significantly reduces the likelihood of a harmful effect on the joints: testosterone retains fluid in the body, preventing the joint bag from dehydrating. In addition, testosterone can significantly increase the effectiveness of the Winstrol course.

    Side effects

    The drug does not convert into estrogen, so it does not cause such side effects as gynecomastia and edema.

    • Pain in large joints and damage to ligaments are the most frequent complications. To minimize the risk, stanozolol should be combined with testosterone and decoy. Read more here. Special additives for ligaments and joints are also used.
    • The rise in blood pressure is eliminated by taking hypotensive agents (enalapril).
    • The increase in cholesterol level is eliminated by taking omega-3 or other hypolipidemic agents (lovastatin, atorvastatin, etc.) during the course.
    • Since winstrol is a derivative of DHT, androgenic side effects are possible: hair loss on the head, acne, suppression of the production of own testosterone, etc.
    • Toxicity to the liver is manifested due to alpha-17-alkylation. In a study on dogs, thistle extract (hepatoprotector) demonstrated a pronounced protective effect.
    • Myocardial hypertrophy – especially at high doses.

    The origin of the drug

    Winstrol (stanozolol) has been one of the most popular anabolic steroids in bodybuilding since it first appeared on the market in 1962.

    In medicine, winstrol was originally prescribed as an appetite stimulant and mass gainer for patients suffering from malignant and benign diseases, osteoporosis and injuries.

    Later, it was given to the elderly to reduce weakness and to those suffering from dwarfism, due to its stimulating effect on the pituitary gland.


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