Testosterone Enanthate 1 bottle/10 ml (300 mg/1 ml)


Testosterone Enanthate from Cygnus Pharma is an anabolic steroid that is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes. This is a good choice for those who have never taken anabolic steroids before, but want to start. Athletes choose this drug due to the fact that it, when taken correctly, allows you to increase muscle mass in a short period of time.

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Depending on metabolism and hormonal background, the average period of action of Testosterone Enanthate is 2-3 weeks (half-life is 6-7 days). In bodybuilding, triathlon and weightlifting, injections are performed once or twice a week to maintain a constantly high and as stable concentration as possible

Steroid profile of Testosterone Enanthate

  • anabolic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • androgenic activity 100% of testosterone (high),
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) is high (there is a need for anti-estrogens),
  • suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is pronounced,
  • toxicity for the liver is absent,
  • method of injection,
  • validity period 15 days,
  • detection time is 3 months.

Effects of taking Testosterone Enanthate

  • increases muscle mass,
  • increases the level of igf-1 and mgf harmonics,
  • reduces fat deposits,
  • reduces the risk of heart ischemia and coronary diseases,
  • increases libido and potency (possible reverse effect),
  • improves your strength
  • improves muscle relief,
  • increases energy
  • faster regeneration,
  • increase in collagen synthesis,
  • increases the content of minerals in the bones,
  • anti-catabolic effect on muscle tissue due to anti-glucocorticoid action.
  • Testosterone enanthate stimulates regeneration processes in the body.Increases general tone and desire to train, prevents overtraining. Increases the oxygen capacity of the blood.

    Application and dosage of Testosterone Enanthate

    The anabolic effect of testosterone enanthate is directly proportional to the dosage used. You can trace this dependence on the graph on the right. The recommended dose is 250-500 mg per week, and with the growth of the athlete's body weight, the dosage is often revised upwards. Injections are performed 1-2 times a week, preferably in the buttock area. Usually, the course of testosterone enanthate lasts 8-10 weeks, and after 2-3 weeks post-course therapy is carried out. Testosterone enanthate is often used for longer periods of time. In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to follow an appropriate diet (relief or gain muscle mass) with the use of sports nutrition.

    Maximum effective dose. According to Bill Roberts, the maximum dose of testosterone is 2-4 grams per week in professional athletes, further increase in dosage is pointless.

    Also, cortisol blockers should be used as PCT immediately after the enanthate course to preserve the gained weight.

    Combined course:

    To gain muscle mass, testosterone enanthate goes well with Anapolon, Methandrostenolone, Nandrolone and Trenbolone. Examples of combined courses:

    • 200 – 250 mg nandrolone decanoate per week,
    • 500 mg testosterone enanthate per week,
    • do not forget to use aromatase inhibitors.

    For drying and relief, the course is supplemented with Winstrol or Anavar in medium dosages.

    Side effects

    A big problem when using testosterone enanthate in bodybuilding is its strong ability to aromatize, i.e.conversion to estrogens. As a result, gynecomastia, edema, female-type fat deposits, etc. often develop. A few years ago, these problems were stopped by the use of anti-estrogens. Today, the drugs of choice for controlling estradiol-induced side effects are aromatase inhibitors.

    Testosterone Enanthate also causes such side effects as: acne, increased blood pressure, aggression, hair loss and some others.

    Women should avoid taking the drug, as masculinization is very likely.

    The origin of the drug

    In 1935, Testosterone became the world's first anabolic steroid, which was extracted from bull testicles. Testosterone was later marketed in the 1950s by the pharmaceutical company Upjohn.

    People often assume that technology and knowledge evolve over time, so the effectiveness of supplements also follows suit.

    However, this is not the case, as testosterone is still one of the best steroids on the market today.


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