Testosterone Propionate 1 bottle/10 ml (200 mg/1 ml)


Testosterone propionate is able to give impressive results in the early stages of the course. Although it is quickly absorbed, it is not the fastest form of testosterone, in this respect the suspension surpasses it.

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The effect of testosterone propionate is able to show quickly: significant improvements, as a rule, are observed already during the first weeks of the course, of course, this is provided that it is used correctly. However, we note that the period of activity after injection is not the longest among testosterone esters, around 2-3 days after injection, so in sports practice, to obtain pronounced results, the application is usually carried out periodically every other day or once every three days.

Benefits of Testosterone Propionate

The overall benefits of testosterone propionate are generally the same as with any other testosterone ester.

So, when taking testosterone for the first time, strongmen can gain about 9 kg of lean muscle mass (combined with some fat loss). Strength indicators will also increase sharply in the first few weeks, and then slowly continue to increase until the end of the cycle.

The main difference with propionate is that results appear earlier in the cycle, compared to slower esters (such as enanthate or cypionate), which take longer to start working.

However, the final result will be the same regardless of which testosterone ester you take, since they are all essentially the same steroid (it's just that their peak action occurs at a different time).

Steroid profile of Testosterone Propionate

  • anabolic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • androgenic activity 100% of testosterone (high),
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) – high (there is a need for anti-estrogens),
  • suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is pronounced,
  • toxicity for the liver is absent,
  • method of injection,
  • duration of action 2-3 days,
  • elimination half-life and mrt (intravenous) 0.8 days and 1.5 days, respectively,
  • the peak of propionate activity occurs on the day of injection and gradually decreases during 2436 hours after injection,
  • detection time 40-60 days.

Effects of taking Testosterone Propionate

  • Quality muscle growth,
  • Growth of power characteristics,
  • Increased muscle stiffness,
  • Improvement of muscle relief,
  • fat burning
  • Enhancement of libido during the course.
  • The course of taking Testosterone Propionate

    Testosterone Propionate is supplied in vials with a dosage of 1 ml/200 mg.

    Course for beginners

    100 mg every other day for 8 weeks.

    Note: Testosterone Propionate is usually not recommended for beginners due to painful injections (and the need for frequent administration).

    Amateur course:

    150 mg every other day for 8 weeks.

    Advanced course:

    200 mg every other day for 8-10 weeks.

    Other supplements:

    • Fish oil (4 g per day)
    • Nolvadex (20-40 mg per day)

    Note: Amateurs and experienced athletes may want to combine testosterone propionate with other compounds to achieve maximum results, but this is not recommended for beginners (due to additional side effects).

    Course Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol this is a possible choice for obtaining high-quality muscles and even for drying. Stanozolol has such effects as fat burning and removal of excess fluid from the body, therefore, in combination with propionate, it can give good results for athletes striving for quality muscles.

    Side effects of Testosterone Propionate

    Common side effects associated with testosterone also apply to propionate, such as:

    • high cholesterol
    • high blood pressure,
    • risk of gynecomastia,
    • oily skin or/and acne,
    • hair loss
    • suppression of testosterone.

    After the end of the course, athletes remain with stagnant endogenous testosterone and need PCT to help restore testosterone to an adequate level. Effective PCT usually restores hormonal function in about 4 weeks. Without PCT, low testosterone levels can persist for several months.


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