Tren Complex 10 ampoules/1 ml (250 mg/1 ml)


Tren Complex (trenbolone mix, three trenaver) from Omega Meds consists of 3 ester forms: acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. The main quality of the drug is the maximum recruitment of muscles, the drug increases endurance and strength indicators, retains nitrogen in the body, which broadly protects muscle tissue from destruction, suppresses cortisol secretion.

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The presence of the acetate ester allows trenbolone to show a rapid initial physiological effect. The other two esters prolong the physiological effect with relatively uniform absorption characteristics throughout the entire injection cycle. Tren Complex has a great effect on the stimulation of protein synthesis, as well as the creation of a positive nitrogen balance. Another important advantage of the drug is its ability to aromatize, so athletes are not at risk of gynecomastia.

Steroid profile of Tren Complex

  • Toxic effect on the kidneys: absent
  • Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity): not proven in moderate doses.
  • Method of use: injections
  • The effect of the drug depends on the ether (acetate: 1-2 days, enanthate 8 days, parabolan 10 days).
  • Drug detection time: up to 5 months.

Effects of taking Tren Complex

  • The increase in dry mass is approximately 10-15 kg per course,
  • A sharp increase in endurance and strength, which is facilitated by a massive androgenic effect,
  • Fat burning. It will give results with the right diet. It is possible to achieve by increasing the production of IDF,
  • Decrease in cortisol content,
  • There is no recoil phenomenon,
  • Gaining relief and hard muscles thanks to the removal of excess water,
  • Increased libido only during the period of use of the drug.
  • Application and dosage of Tren Complex

    The drug is most often taken in a solo cycle. A similar cycle lasts no more than 6 weeks, with parallel use of gonadotropin for 2 months. Tren Complex is injected twice a week at a dosage of 400 mg. Gonadotropin in a dose of 500 units. It is recommended to take only once a week, starting from the second week of the cycle and until its completion.

    Two weeks after the end of taking the drug, it is also recommended to undergo post-course therapy, taking Clomid at a dose of 100 mg for the first 5 days, and 50 mg for the next 10 days.

    You can also choose Tren Complex for a combined course. In most cases, Masteron or Stanozolol acts as a concomitant agent during the drying period to improve strength, and as a male hormone for building high-quality muscle mass.

    Side effects

    Unpleasant manifestations of taking a mixture of ethers manifest themselves in exactly the same way as from each of them separately:

    • Sleep disorders,
    • Rash, acne,
    • Improvements in blood pressure,
    • Hair loss on the head,
    • Increased oiliness of the skin.

    The origin of the drug

    Tritren itself as a steroid is not a novelty on the market, it has been used in sports for many years. It was developed back in the 1960s with the purpose of consumption in veterinary medicine to increase the weight of livestock and animals. As a result, the positive characteristics of the drug were appreciated by athletes-bodybuilders and representatives of strength sports. Thus, it became the most popular of the existing steroids.


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