Arimistane+ 30 capsules (50 mg/1 capsule)


Arimistane+ from Special Force Pharm was developed so that the gonads again receive free and full testosterone. It also contains anti-estrogen, which acts as a suicidal estrogen inhibitor. In other words, when taking Arimistane +, your body cannot produce excess estrogen, which also reduces estrogen levels.



The effect of taking Arimistane+

  • Helps to block estrogen,
  • Raises testosterone levels
  • Prevents the conversion of free testosterone into estrogen,
  • Lowers cortisol levels
  • Improves muscle relief,
  • Increases the density of muscle tissue,
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the effects of aromatization.

Advantages of Arimistane+

  • Promotes quick recovery,
  • Raises libido
  • Does not have progesterone activity,
  • Does not retain water in the body.

What is the estrogen blocker Arimistan+

Also, it has an anabolic effect on synthesizing protein, which will help you maintain muscles more effectively, even in non-training time. Peptides of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland increase the level of LH after the cycle, which helps to normalize the endocrine system of your body when it comes to post-course therapy products.

Arimistane+ is a post-cycle supplement formula designed and intended to maintain muscle mass and minimize side effects from anabolic cycles by blocking estrogen, rejuvenating organs and regulating normal testosterone levels.The fact remains: hormones are completely out of balance during and after any hormonal cycle, and in many cases your body no longer produces normal levels of its own natural testosterone, which can lead to loss of muscle mass and sex drive. Arimistan is the most powerful product ever to appear on the post-course therapy market.

This is an all-too-common theme when many bodybuilders go through a very successful hormonal cycle, and then experience low testosterone, which leads to a loss of hard-earned muscle mass and strength, as well as sexual desire. Arimistan+ is the world's strongest PCT drug. This help to restore testosterone and sexual desire begins to work immediately after starting use. Arimistan+ immediately begins to reduce the level of estrogen, instantly accelerate the production of testosterone, improve your mood and restore libido.

Restoring the normal hormonal balance as quickly as possible is absolutely necessary to maintain the muscle mass and strength gained during the cycle. During post-cycle therapy, time and muscle are important, because the longer your testosterone level remains suppressed, the more muscle and strength you lose.

Arimistan+ was developed taking into account the reaction of the body at the end of the course for building muscle mass. A scientific formula specially designed to protect your body from unwanted side effects that can occur when androgen levels are simultaneously increased with the help of hormonal supplements.Arimistan+ is a product that significantly helps the body return to a self-regulating, delicate hormonal balance, while simultaneously eliminating muscle loss and estrogen-related side effects.

Composition of Special Force Pharm Arimistane+

1 capsule contains 50 mg of the active substance.

How to take anti-estrogen Arimistane+

Take 1 capsule per day after meals and before going to bed for 30 days. It is not recommended to independently exceed the recommended dosage and increase the duration of the course.


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