Equipoise 1 bottle/10 ml (400 mg/1 ml)


Equipoise from Sp Labs is used by athletes in the off-season as a steroid for gaining high-quality lean muscle mass and increasing strength. This steroid is an anabolic in combination with weak estrogenic and androgenic effects. In its structure and pharmacological effect, the substance resembles testosterone.


The high content of the active substance (Boldenone undecylenate) in this drug allows you to make injections less often. Boldenone has a positive effect on metabolism. Its use significantly accelerates protein synthesis, which naturally has a positive effect on increasing muscle mass.

Equipoise steroid profile

  • androgenic index 50,
  • anabolic index 100,
  • estrogenic activity is low,
  • progestagen activity is very low,
  • half-life period – 14 days,
  • no liver toxicity,
  • the period of withdrawal of the drug – 4-5 months.

Effects of taking Equipoise

  • set of muscle mass. A slow but qualitative increase in muscle volume is observed. The nature of the effect is determined by the length of the ester: in the case of using boldenone acetate or propionate, hypertrophy will occur much faster,
  • increase in strength indicators. The effect, which is almost always accompanied by an increase in the weight of the athlete,
  • increased appetite,
  • increase in erythrocyte blood mass. The drug stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Thus, the muscles receive more oxygen and can work more productively without the formation of lactic acid. The athlete's endurance increases. Boldenone is often used by track and field athletes, skiers and other endurance athletes.
  • Application and dosage of Equipoise

    Boldenone is often combined with other anabolic steroids (testosterone propionate, trenbolone enanthate, stanozolol, parabolan and others), thereby achieving a synergistic effect.

    The average course of boldenone solo lasts from 8 to 10 weeks, 400-800 mg of the drug once a week for men, 50-100 mg for women. It is possible to start reception with a smaller dosage in order to feel the effect of the drug and take appropriate measures in case of side reactions.

    Boldenone, due to its low aromatization and ability to strengthen the venous pattern, is quite often used during the drying period, however, the greatest effect from taking the drug can be achieved during the weight gain course, because it is then that the ability of boldenone to increase appetite can be fully used.

    Combined course

    To obtain the most effective course, Boldenone, like other anabolic steroids, should be combined in a combination of two or three drugs.

    Set of muscle mass:

    • Boldenone + Testosterone Enanthate,
    • Boldenone + Sustanon,
    • Boldenone + Cypionate + Oxymetholone.

    Gaining muscle mass and burning fat:

    • Boldenone + Propionate + Stanozolol,
    • Boldenone + Turinabol + Winstrol,
    • Boldenone + Propionate + Trenbolone.

    After completing the course of Boldenone, it is recommended to carry out post-course therapy to restore the hormonal background and to clean the receptors, with the help of drugs such as Tamoxifen and Clomid

    Side effects

    When adjusting the duration of the course and dosages, the risk of negative effects on the body is completely absent.

    Possible side effects:

    • provokes the growth of "bad" cholesterol in the blood,
    • prostate enlargement
    • acne, acne rash,
    • baldness,
    • irritability,
    • sleep disturbance

    In women, possible androgenic side effects of boldenone undecylenate fall under the category of virilization. This includes:

    • depth of voice
    • enlarged clitoris,
    • unwanted body hair.

    As a rule, after the completion of the course, all the listed negative symptoms pass, and the work of the body is restored.

    On sports forums, the drug received good reviews. Among the main positive qualities, athletes note the high performance and excellent effectiveness of the drug.

    The origin of the drug

    The product has existed since the 1940s and is still very popular. It was once used only by veterinarians, but in the 1950s, the Ciba company introduced it as suitable for human use. The name of the product at that time was Parembole. It was used in the field of medicine until the 1970s.


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