Glutathione 50 capsules (400 mg/1 capsule)


Glutathione from TN Pharma is designed to contribute to the improvement of sports performance by protecting cells from damage caused by the production of free radicals during training, especially when their levels exceed the body's ability to protect itself from them. The capsules of this product contain herbs, which are an exceptional means of cleansing the liver in case of abuse of alcohol, anabolic steroids, and more.


Glutathione is a mandatory protector in the supplements of all athletes who are stimulated by anabolic steroids.

The increased antioxidant protection obtained thanks to special supplements can improve endurance, speed up the body's recovery rate, and support the athlete's health during the competitive season. Moreover, it is believed that maintaining glutathione levels in the body protects athletes from infections and recurrent diseases that can in one way or another prevent athletes from achieving their highest results in training and competition. Such protection is achieved thanks to improved absorption of nutrients and amino acids in cells, which are important for the functioning of the immune system, in particular, for lymphocytes and phagocytes.

Recommendations for use

Glutathione is sold in capsules, tablets and powder form. It is believed that a combined amino acid cocktail, which includes glutathione, L-cysteine, N-acetylcysteine, L-glutamic acid or glycine, has a much more effective effect on the athlete's body, in particular, on glutathione levels, and also carries a corresponding antioxidant benefit, than if glutathione take in its pure form.

Doses are usually 600-1200 mg, divided into two receptions during the day. Lysis of erythrocytes (hemolysis), which is often faced by athletes-runners, can reduce the level of glutathione circulating in the blood, accordingly, athletes who are faced with the mentioned ailment can significantly help their body with the help of intravenous or oral use of glutathione.

Symptoms of deficiency

The symptoms of glutathione deficiency are unknown, but certain conditions are associated with glutathione deficiency, such as diabetes, low sperm count, and liver disease. In heavy smokers, a reduced level of glutathione can be observed, since a number of chemicals contained in tobacco smoke increase the rate of absorption of glutathione by the body.

Side effects and contraindications

People with liver and kidney disease should consult their doctor before taking glutathione supplements.


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