Liothyronine Sodium 100 tab. (50 mcg/1 tab.)


Liothyronine Sodium (T3) from Cygnus Pharma is actively used as a means for weight loss, because its use very effectively reduces the volume of accumulated fat. The drug contains sodium liothyronine as the main active chemical substance, which is almost identical to the natural hormone L-triiodothyronine (L-T3), produced by the thyroid gland.



German clinical studies have shown that the synthetically obtained thyroid hormone triiodothyronine surpasses the action of other preparations with thyroid hormones in terms of biological activity. In addition, it was noted that Liothyronine has a rapid effect.

Liothyronine sodium (T3), athletes can raise the level of oxygen in blood cells to stimulate faster regeneration of the body, improve physical performance and lose weight.


  • Active half-life (hours): from 2 to 3 hours
  • Use (men): 25-100 mcg/day
  • Retains water: No
  • Flavoring: None

Effects of taking liothyronine sodium

  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Improvement of body heat production
  • Fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Improvement of physical performance
  • Stimulating effect on the central nervous system

Application and dosage Liothyronine sodium

  • The usual duration of the cycle is 4-8 weeks (some athletes make the cycle up to 12 weeks).
  • For beginners: not recommended
  • Hobbies: 25-75 mcg/day
  • Professional range: 50-150 mcg/day (some athletes use up to 300 mcg/day)
  • Women: 25-75 mcg/day
  • Half-life: 1-2 days (active life 4-7 days)
  • Detection time: 4-8 weeks
  • To reduce the likelihood of side effects, include beta-blockers in your course. Use T3 in the morning to avoid insomnia.

    It is important to pay close attention to your diet when you are using liothyronine sodium for fat loss. You should burn more calories every day than you consume. Otherwise, Cytomel will not bring you any benefit. This will allow you to burn calories faster, and also ensures that the body burns fat, not muscle, when you restrict your calorie intake.

    Side effects

    A significant impact on the body is associated with the possibility of various negative side effects. The instructions for the drug describe in detail all possible cases, indicating how to act in each case. Manifestation is not excluded:

    • tachycardia and hypertension. For prevention, the adrenoblocker metoprolol is taken, the dosage of which is regulated based on the pulse rate and blood pressure level, which should not rise higher than 140/90,
    • heaviness in the area of ​​the heart. When symptoms appear, Asparkam is taken after a meal. The potassium and magnesium contained in it help to restore the heart rhythm. In addition, it is possible to resort to the use of riboxin to replenish the myocardium with energy,
    • diarrhea, with which loperamide will help,
    • insomnia,
    • allergic rash,
    • increased sweating,
    • heat
    • muscle tremors

    Normal functioning of the thyroid gland will be restored within three to four weeks.

    The origin of the drug

    This product was introduced in the 1950s and has been widely used since then. This was a viable solution for various thyroid treatment plans and for the treatment of hypothyroidism.


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