Opti-Women Multi-Vitamin for Active Women 120 capsules


When it comes to the supplement Opti-Women from Optimum Nutrition, first of all it is worth noting that it is not just a vitamin and mineral complex, namely balanced nutrition optimization system for women! The composition of the Opti-Women supplement can be described as: the entire Mendeleev table and even more, for women's health!



Opti-Women is: 23 important vitamins and minerals and 17 phytonutrients to maintain the tone and good health of the body:

  • health of skin, hair, nails,
  • antiaging agents,
  • effective vitamin and mineral complex for women,
  • maintaining the work of the nervous system,
  • nutrition of the heart muscle and care for the health of the vascular system,
  • vitamin supplements allow you to cope with stress during peak mental loads.

The complex is rich in iron, this is very important, because its level drops sharply on critical days, and this leads to a decline in energy. For energetic women leading an active lifestyle, this complex of vitamins is simply vital!

Take 2 capsules with a meal. It is intended for use by healthy adult women as part of a program of balanced nutrition and physical exercise.

Consult a doctor before use.


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