Proviron 50 tab. (25 mg/1 tab.)


Primobolan (Mesterolone) from TN Pharma belongs to a number of drugs that are used in connection with the use of heavy drugs of steroid action, which have an effect on restraining the release of the body's own testosterone. Simply put, Primobolan is used to improve potency.



The drug has practically no effect on the production of the body's own testosterone (in large doses, it can suppress it), but it promotes an increase in the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, due to the fact that it blocks the activity of globulin that binds sex hormones. These properties make Proviron an attractive tool during the course.

Proviron has a long history of high clinical efficacy and safety and is now widely popular around the world. For medical purposes, it is prescribed to increase the physical and mental performance of men who are losing weight with age, to treat testosterone deficiency and problems with sexual desire caused by it.

Action of Primobolan

The drug completely prevents aromatization of steroids during the steroid course. The active substance Mesterolon stops water retention in the body, as well as unwanted gynecomastia. The strong anti-estrogenic effect of Proviron prevents the occurrence of gynecomastia even after the termination of the steroid cycle. In addition to inhibiting the aromatization process, Proviron has other attractive features for bodybuilders and athletes. One of the most significant is that it can significantly increase the potential of your own testosterone.

Most of the testosterone in the human body (97-98%) is inactive because it is bound to globulin (SHPG) and albumin.However, when Proviron enters the body, it binds to these proteins, and more testosterone remains free. This helps to improve productivity and protein synthesis.

Method of use and dosage of Primobolan

The drug is taken 1-2 tablets per day during the steroid cycle. Every day or usually after the tenth day from the beginning to the end of the steroid schedule. There are athletes who take it 10 days before the competition and receive up to 8 tablets per day, because in such doses Proviron is excreted from the body. Many athletes take the drug at the end of the steroid cycle in order to increase the decreased level of testosterone. Unfortunately, this is incorrect, since the active substance Mesterolone does not affect the own production of testosterone after a course of steroids. It can be used to increase spermogenesis only during the cycle itself, but the effect is still very small.

Side effects

It is not toxic to the liver in moderate doses, which makes it safe to take during the course for several weeks. It does not suppress the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles. Given its chemical nature and similarity to dihydrotestosterone, such side effects as prostate hypertrophy and male pattern baldness are possible.

For the purpose of prevention, periodic examination of the prostate gland is recommended.

Precautions for use

After taking the hormonal substances included in the composition of the drug Proviron, the formation of benign, and even more rarely, malignant liver tumors was very rarely observed. In some cases, intra-abdominal bleeding caused by such tumors was life-threatening.If a man who uses Proviron has severe pain in the upper abdomen, an enlarged liver, or signs of intra-abdominal bleeding, the possibility of a liver tumor should be taken into account during differential diagnosis.


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