S-23 30 capsules (25 mg/1 capsule)


S-23 from Special Force Pharm is a SARM that has the highest anabolic activity among all other supplements. In his ranks and, therefore, he is respected for his properties in muscle building. It will also speed up recovery by binding to androgen receptors in your body, causing them not only to build muscle, but also to repair existing muscles much faster.



S-23 is so strong that it is even used as a contraceptive. All research so far shows that when you take S-23, your ability to produce offspring will be negatively affected. The great news is that once you stop using the compound, you will regain your fertility and there will be no side effects experienced as a result of taking the supplement.

Some people compare S-23 to steroids, but steroids harm our internal organs and have many side effects, while S-23 is completely safe to use and only binds to the muscles in the body.

Advantages of Special Force Pharm S-23

Given the fact that this is the strongest SARM, you can expect some pretty serious benefits:

Form of birth control in men

It's pretty stupid that women get the opportunity to fully enjoy sex with a simple pill, why can't men do it? As long as you're on the S-23 block, you won't have to worry about your girlfriend getting pregnant. which is a big advantage.

Increase in strength and muscle mass

Given the high anabolic activity of S-23, you can gain muscle like never before. In addition to gaining mass, your muscles will be strong and firm, and you will not lose them after the cycle is over.This is the most important fact about S-23 that its results will remain.

Enhanced fat burning

You will burn fat and lose weight like a maniac on the course. Since S-23 affects the oxidation of fats, it simply melts! It's also great if you're struggling with your weight, so it kills two birds with one stone.

Positive influence on bone strength and health

S-23 has shown itself to be effective in the fight against osteoporosis in patients by directly affecting the bone cells in our body, which are responsible for creating new bones and maintaining existing bone structures.

It can be used as an aphrodisiac

If you have problems with women and don't want to spend money on supplements, S-23 will come to your rescue. It is known to increase sexual motivation in women. Even women who suffered from sexual dysfunction showed a marked improvement in libido when using S-23.

Increased energy and endurance

There is nothing worse than waking up, getting to the gym, and then not wanting to work out. The S-23 changes all that and gives you that extra boost you need to get your ass up and do some serious work. It allows you to train longer and gives you extra energy. Many users report that they feel more energetic during the day on the S-23 course.


Vascularity is what we all strive for, it is the distinguishing feature of someone who works hard and knows what he is doing. S-23 will help you achieve this and much more, you just need to take a decisive step and trust the results.

Serving size: 1 capsule

Number of servings per package: 30 capsules

Mastorin S-23 – 25 mg

How to take SARM S-23

Take 1 capsule a day, after breakfast.For a period of 8 weeks with a subsequent 4-8 week break.

Professionals can take S-23 for up to ten weeks, but should stop using it immediately if side effects start to appear in the last two weeks of using the drug.

The last thing to note is that after the S-23 course, PCT for 4 weeks with ARIMISTANE+ is required to restore testosterone levels and maintain muscle mass.

Can women take S-23?

Yes, S-23 does not cause virilization and women can use it safely.

With what SARMs is it recommended to combine S-23

S-23 has a strong potential when taken alone, however, to obtain a greater effect, it can be combined with LGD-4033, Ostarine, Ibutamoren. It is recommended to add S-23 during the last 8 weeks of the 12-week course, rather than starting with it at the beginning.

To burn fat and improve muscle relief, it is recommended to combine S-23 with Cardarine (GW-501516) and/or growth hormone production stimulator Ibutamoren (MK-677).

Side effects

S-23 has no side effects, is not toxic to the liver, does not increase the size of the prostate, but on the contrary reduces it.


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