Sp Stanoject 1 bottle/10 ml (50 mg/1 ml)


Sp Stanoject from Sp Labs is a powerful androgenic-anabolic drug with a short period of action. It is effective for the drying course, thanks to which Winstrol is recommended to buy by the majority of experienced bodybuilding athletes.


Stanoject is similar in action to Winstrol. Stanoject, like any anabolic steroid with the active substance stanozolol, is used to increase strength without a significant increase in muscle mass. The use of the drug will help to gain dry muscles and burn the fat layer.

Steroid profile of Stanoject

  • anabolic activity 320% of testosterone,
  • androgenic activity 30% of testosterone,
  • aromatization (conversion to estrogens) no,
  • method of administration by injection and in tablets,
  • toxicity to the liver is moderate, equally for the injection and tablet forms,
  • the elimination period is 9-24 hours (the duration of action is up to 2 days). for injection 4-5 hours, for oral 18-24 hours,
  • detection time is from 200 to 240 days.

Effects of taking Stanoject

  • muscle relief is one of the main effects of stanozolol,
  • a significant increase in strength and endurance – a valuable effect in powerlifting and athletics,
  • fat burning
  • increased appetite,
  • removal of excess fluid from the body,
  • according to scientific tests, oral stanozolol in the amount of 0.2 mg per kilogram of an athlete's weight lowers the level of globulin, which binds anabolic hormones, by 50%. this means that the effectiveness of taking other steroids in combination with stanozolol will increase significantly,
  • the presence of an anti-estrogenic and anti-progestagenic effect (competitive inhibition of progesterone receptors) is assumed.
  • Application and dosage of Stanoject

    A solo course of Stanoject (Stanozolol) is carried out by athletes to obtain relief and venousness, as well as to increase strength indicators. In other words, this course is suitable for people who have sufficient body mass with moderate fat content.

    • The optimal dosage of winstrol is 20-50 mg in tablets or injections every day. Track and field athletes and boxers use, as a rule, lower doses – about 10 mg/day,
    • The duration of the course is approximately 4-6 weeks. When the duration of the cycle increases, the risk of side effects increases, primarily affecting the joints,
    • After the end of the course, after 2-3 days it is necessary to conduct PCT,
    • To get the maximum effect, take sports nutrition for relief.

    It should be noted that many experienced athletes recommend using stanozolol only in combination with testosterone. This approach allows to reduce the risk of side effects.

    Combined course

    Depending on the desired result, a combined course of stanozolol is built. To gain muscle mass, the course includes stronger androgens, for example, testosterone, methandrostenolone, or anapolon. In this case, stanozolol balances the course, creating a good anabolic effect and reducing the estrogenic effect of other drugs. In this case, it is necessary to include aromatase inhibitors in the course, Nolvadex or Clomid are used for post-course therapy. As a result of the correct combination, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass with much less fluid and fat retention.

    Before competitions or during a weight loss diet, stanozolol can be combined with a non-aromatizing androgen such as trenbolone.Such a combination, as practice shows, gives relief and firmness to the muscles, which is what many athletes strive for.

    Side effects

    The steroid is not aromatized, that is, it is not converted into estrogen. But it can show androgenic and other side effects:

    • high blood pressure,
    • high cholesterol
    • painful injections,
    • joint pain,
    • baldness,
    • acne,
    • suppression of testosterone secretion.

    Storage at home

    It is best to store the steroid in the refrigerator at 2-8 degrees Celsius. Before injection, the solution is brought to room temperature. Do not freeze. If the storage does not take place in the refrigerator, then it must be in a dark, dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 C degrees.


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