Sp Supertest 1 bottle/10 ml (450 mg/1 ml)


Sp Supertest from Sp Labs includes five different ethers to achieve the best results. Prolonged action is provided by an ideal combination of ethers, which causes the release of the drug into the blood at different times after its direct administration.

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Supertest on the duration of exposure is the longest-lasting. After 1 injection, the drug will work for almost a month. Based on this, short courses of up to 10 weeks are not recommended.

Supertest is subject to aromatization, like any other testosterone, therefore, if you are planning a course on Supertest, it is necessary to start taking Anastrozole from the second week of the course to level out the side effects associated with the conversion of the drug into estrogen.

One 450 mg bottle of Supertesta contains:

  • Testosterone Acetate 32 mg,
  • Testosterone Propionate 73 mg,
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 73 mg,
  • Testosterone Cypionate 125 mg,
  • Testosterone Decanoate 147 mg.

Effects of taking Supertest

  • helps in building dry muscle mass and strength indicators,
  • affects anabolic processes in the body, improves the synthesis of amino acids in muscle tissue,
  • stimulates the immune system and libido.
  • Actions of the Supertest

    • Testosterone changes the type and amount of muscle fibers,
    • Protects the body from catabolic processes,
    • Increases erythropoiesis (formation of red blood cells or erythrocytes in the body),
    • Increases endurance due to better blood oxidation.

    Athletes usually use Supertest to increase muscle mass and size while increasing strength.Unlike other testosterone compounds, such as cypionate and enanthate, Supertest is not associated with water retention in the body and exhibits significantly fewer side effects.

    Application and dosage of Supertesta

    You can take Andropen from 350 mg to 900 mg weekly, i.e. from 1 ml to 3 ml. Although Supertest retains its activity for up to a month, injections should be made at least once a week to maintain a stable level of testosterone.

    Athletes report their results of taking the drug as successful without diets and special regimes simply because it works perfectly.

    When taking the drug, potency and libido increase, as well as self-confidence of those who take Supertest. This is due to hormones that are stimulated when it is administered, as testosterone increases strongly during its administration.

    Those who use Supertest for the first time can expect to gain about 10 kg within a few months, taking the drug just once a week. More advanced athletes will obviously need higher doses to achieve the desired effect.

    Side effects

    Exceeding the prescribed dosage, which is strictly individual for each athlete, can lead to the following deviations:

    • irritability,
    • aggressiveness,
    • salt retention
    • acne or even virilization.

    At doses of more than 1000 mg per week, the use of anti-estrogens, such as Clomiphene or Proviron, is mandatory.


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