Sp Sustanon 1 vial/10 ml (250 mg/1 ml)


Sp Sustanon from Sp Labs is valued for its ability to powerfully stimulate the recruitment of muscle mass, increase endurance, strength and appetite. An anabolic agent is useful outside of sports, so it can be used for medical purposes to increase the strength of immunity, to increase libido during the course, for replacement therapy, and so on.

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Sustanon is a mixture of several esters of the male hormone Testosterone. The result of this compound is a really quick result and a prolonged effect on the athlete's body. From the moment of the first injection, the active components of this drug begin to act quickly enough, and the effect lasts about three weeks. This can explain the particular popularity of the drug among athletes of various sports.

One 250 mg bottle of Sustanon contains:

  • Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg
  • Testosterone Isocaproate 60 mg
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg
  • Testosterone Propionate 30 mg

Steroid profile of Sustanon

  • anabolic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • androgenic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is pronounced,
  • there is no effect on the liver,
  • detection time on doping control is up to 3 months,
  • injection release form.

Effects of taking Sustanon

  • improvement of the general condition of the joints,
  • increased sex drive,
  • stimulation of erythrocyte production,
  • increases appetite,
  • accelerates muscle growth,
  • increases strength indicators,
  • improves the transportation of oxygen to muscle fibers.
  • It should be noted that taking Sustanon during the course is recommended exclusively for men.Women do not practice the use of Sp Sustanon for sports purposes, as it can lead to very serious consequences, namely virilization (roughening of the voice, excessive rate of hair growth on the face and body, growth of the clitoris and other deviations).

    Application and dosage of Sustanon

    Sustanon injections are given once a week. The optimal dose is considered to be 500 mg, however, some athletes who already have a positive experience in the use of anabolic steroids increase the amount to 1000 mg.

    The course of taking Sustanon lasts 6-8 weeks

    When increasing the duration, it is recommended to use Gonadotropins for the production of natural sex hormones. At the end of the course, it is desirable to conduct post-course therapy.

    Combined course

    Combinations of Sustanon with other anabolic drugs allow to reduce the risk of unwanted effects and increase the effectiveness of the course.

    Sustanon goes well with Deca-Durabolin in weight gain courses and Winstrol for drying.

    By the way, the volume of the bottle of this steroid is 10 ml, and the concentration of the active substance is 250 mg/ml. This means that if you use the recommended doses of SP Sustanon (250 mg 1.1 ml of the drug, 500 mg 2.3 ml, 750 3.4 ml), then one bottle will last you at least 3 full weeks.

    Side effects

    Among the most common side effects, athletes note gynecomastia, a side effect associated with the estrogenic activity of the drug. However, thanks to aromatase inhibitors, this unpleasant moment can be both minimized and completely eliminated. Also, the athlete should be prepared for the manifestation of androgenic side effects, which, according to experts, depend directly on the individual characteristics of the athlete's body.

    After the injection, infiltrates are sometimes formed (compactions or "bumps" in the buttock region or another place of injection). As a rule, infiltrates dissolve after 2-5 weeks.

    Sustanon is contraindicated for young people under the age of 21, whose locomotor system has not yet formed, for people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


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