Test PH 1 bottle/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)


Test PH is an esterified form of testosterone. The active substance is Testosterone Phenylpropionate. This steroid is active for 4-5 days, so it does not require daily injections. The duration of its action is 721 days. The drug is suitable for athletes who like short ethers, but do not want to make frequent injections.

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The steroid does not have a negative effect on the liver. It can also be used in medicine. The drug is prescribed for progressive muscle dystrophy or fractures.

The effectiveness of the drug

Test PH has the following effect:

  • accelerates the reduction of fat cells,
  • stimulates the process of division of satellite cells,
  • accelerates the process of production of IGF,
  • activates muscle growth without retaining fluid in the body,
  • stimulates the development of secondary male sexual characteristics,
  • increases indicators of strength and endurance,
  • accelerates recovery after training,
  • increases the strength of bone tissue.

As a result of taking the drug, the athlete gets dense, relief, dry muscles.

Features of application

Injections of Testosterone Phenylpropionate are given once every 3 days. The average course is 6 weeks. They start with a dosage of 100 mg. Over time, it can be increased to 200 mg.

To achieve the maximum effectiveness of the course, it is not recommended to exceed the dosage. For this purpose, you can combine the steroid with Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Nandrolone, Masteron or other drugs. The choice of means depends on the goals you pursue. The steroid is aromatized, so it is recommended to take estrogens together with it.

Side effects

Uncontrolled intake of the drug can provoke a number of undesirable reactions:

  • puffiness,
  • gynecomastia,
  • testicular atrophy,
  • heat rash,
  • hair loss on the head,
  • violation of spermatogenesis,
  • increase in cholesterol level, etc.

In women, although infrequently, a violation of the menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, inhibition of gonadotropin secretion, masculinization, hirsutism can be observed.

Athletes often note pain at the injection site. In rare cases, an abscess may form.

Contraindications to use

Each pharmacological agent has contraindications that must be taken into account. In the case of phenylpropionate, they include:

  • heart disease,
  • kidney or liver failure,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Before the course, it is better to contact the attending physician, who will help draw up a more suitable scheme. Individual intolerance is an absolute contraindication to taking the medication.


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