Testo Mix 10 ampoules/1 ml (300 mg/1 ml)


Testo Mix (Sustanon) from Omega Meds is a testosterone complex consisting of 4 esters (Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate, Decanoate). Complex esters are selected in such a way that the compound has both a fast and a slow action. The first two esters, Propionate and Phenylpropionate, begin to act after a while after injection, the other two esters continue to be released within 15 days after injection. This makes the product quite effective even with one injection per week.

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Testo Mix works like all testosterone oil preparations, with the only difference that you don't need frequent injections. The high concentration makes it very effective for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. This is a very good product for powerful growth of size, muscle mass and strength. The presence of various types of testosterone esters contributes to a good saturation of the body.

Testo Mix steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity is 100% of testosterone.
  • Androgenic activity is 100% of testosterone.
  • Suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is pronounced.
  • There is no effect on the liver.
  • The detection time for doping control is up to 3 months.
  • Injection release form.

Active substances

  • Testosterone propionate (40 mg)
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate (70 mg)
  • Testosterone isocaproate (70 mg)
  • Testosterone Decanoate (120 mg)

Effects of taking Testo Mix

  • Improvement of the general condition of the joints,
  • Strengthening sexual desire,
  • Stimulation of erythrocyte production,
  • Increases appetite
  • Accelerates muscle growth,
  • Increases strength indicators,
  • improves the transportation of oxygen to muscle fibers.
  • Indications for taking Testo Mix

    The drug will help to cope with the following tasks:

    • build muscle mass up to 8-10 kilograms per full course,
    • increase endurance,
    • improve strength indicators,
    • strengthen bone tissue,
    • to improve the work of the joints (especially important during the period of intensive training),
    • get a pumping effect,
    • speed up the recovery process after injuries received during intensive training,
    • increase performance.

    Application and dosage of Testo Mix

    Usually, experts recommend that athletes take this drug in a weekly dosage not exceeding 500 mg. At the same time, it is better to introduce Sustanon once every 3-4 days, one cube. However, in some cases, experts prescribe a dosage of 750-1500 mg to athletes with experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs.

    Side effects

    Like any other form of testosterone, Sustanon is converted into estrogen. For this reason, Sustanon causes such side effects as gynecomastia, edema, female-type fat deposits, and inhibition of the production of own testosterone. These side effects can be prevented if you use anti-estrogens, preferably aromatase inhibitors. Selective modulators of estrogen receptors (tamoxifen, etc.) are connected only during post-course therapy.

    As a result of a decrease in the production of endogenous testosterone, the development of such a serious side effect of Sustanon as testicular atrophy is possible. This side effect can be prevented if you do not take Sustanon for more than 8 weeks and take anti-estrogens. For longer courses, the use of gonadotropin is required.

    In the body, testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone, which causes the following side effects: prostate hypertrophy, baldness, acne, and others.These are the so-called androgenic side effects of Sustanon.

    Also, athletes often note an increase in temperature and a flu-like condition during the course of Sustanon. Like most steroids, Sustanon increases the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood (it is prevented by taking Omega-3 throughout the course).

    After the injection, infiltrates are sometimes formed (compactions or "bumps" in the buttock region or another place of injection). As a rule, infiltrates dissolve after 2-5 weeks.

    In fact, testosterone is one of the least cardiovascularly damaging steroids, but precautions should still be taken, including fish oil supplementation (4g/day), regular cardio, and frequent doctor check-ups to monitor blood lipid levels. .


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