Testo Ripped 400 1 bottle/10 ml 400 mg/1 ml)


Each bodybuilder has his own training program that allows him to get in optimal shape. At the same time, performing the exercise does not always allow you to quickly get the desired effect. The situation can be corrected using steroids. You can order the drug Testo Ripped 400 right now to get excellent results after a few months. The cost makes the application an even more profitable solution.



The anabolic index of the steroid is 500% of that of testosterone. Testo Ripped 400 is maximally released during the first few days after the injection, with a subsequent decrease in the level during approximately 2 weeks. The drug is not toxic to the liver. Subjected to aromatization.

Composition of the drug

Anabolic drugs enjoy well-deserved popularity due to their effectiveness. This substance is a solution for injections. The drug remains active in the body for up to 14 days, and it can be detected during the test for 5 months from the moment of withdrawal. The composition looks like this:

Active substance:
Testosterone Enanthate (200 mg)
Trenbolone Enanthate (100mg)
Drostanolone Enanthate (100mg)

It is worth ordering the drug from Magnus Pharmaceuticals because it is not toxic to the liver. At the same time, the presence of aromatization suggests the completion of post-course therapy.

Indications for taking Testo Ripped

The peculiarity of the sports medicine is that with its help you can get an anabolic index 5 times higher than that of the male sex hormone. After completing the course, athletes do not face a serious rebound phenomenon. During the period of reception, you can gain up to 10 kg of muscle mass.The tool is worth buying for the following reasons:

  • accelerated recruitment of muscle mass,
  • improvement of muscle shape,
  • increased appetite.

The drug can also be used to improve one's endurance. Ego is often included in courses when you need to quickly reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat in order to return to your weight category. During the course, the athlete's libido will be in excellent condition.

Dosage of the drug

Delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time, as we are responsible for the execution of each order. Beginners are recommended to put 200 mg of the drug every 4 days. More experienced athletes can double the dosage. To determine the individual amount of medication and the duration of the course, you should contact a therapist or an experienced trainer.


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