Testosterone mix 1 bottle/10 ml (300 mg/1 ml)


Testosterone mix from Cygnus Pharma, known as Sustanon, is used by athletes to gain a large amount of mass and increase strength. Due to the fact that the composition contains 4 esters of testosterone (decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocarpoanate and propionate), splitting and assimilation by the body occurs continuously and gradually.

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Each active substance in the composition undergoes thorough cleaning. For this reason, the probability of unwanted reactions will be minimal. The balanced composition allows each substance to be included at the optimal moment, when the action of the previous ether slows down, reducing the frequency of injections. The drug is administered intramuscularly, which allows to accelerate the effect and reduce the impact of negative load on the liver. The composition also includes benzyl alcohol and peanut oil as auxiliary components.

Active substances

  • testosterone propionate (30 mg),
  • testosterone phenylpropionate (60 mg),
  • testosterone isocapronate (60 mg),
  • testosterone decanoate (100 mg).

Steroid profile of Sustanon

  • anabolic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • androgenic activity 100% of testosterone,
  • suppression of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis is pronounced,
  • there is no effect on the liver,
  • detection time on doping control is up to 3 months,
  • injection release form.

Effects of taking Sustanon

  • Relief of muscles. Tense muscles after training quickly decrease in volume, creating high-quality muscle mass with good forms. This is due to the active formation of protein.
  • Protection against the so-called kickback. Thanks to the mixture of several ethers, the muscles are immediately strong and after the end of the course there will be no reduction in the size of the muscles and similar troubles.
  • The athlete becomes more durable. This is quite expected when taking anabolics, but, nevertheless, it is an important bonus.
  • Increased appetite. This is due to certain hormones that are produced in the body when using this drug.
  • Strengthening of male libido and strongly expressed sexual desire. Testosterone is not going anywhere.
  • Application and dosage of Sustanon

    The administration scheme of this anabolic does not differ from the use of long-acting testosterone-containing steroids. To guarantee an even hormonal background, it is enough to give you a maximum of 2 injections within seven days. The weekly dosage of the drug is 250-750 mg. The duration of the course testosterone mix Cygnus Pharmaceuticals is in the range of 2-3 months. After stopping the steroid, you must carry out post-course therapy.

    Combined course

    The drug is perfectly compatible with any steroid drugs. The most popular among athletes are ligaments with boldenone, trenbolone enanthate, oxymetholone, and parabolan. All these combinations are intended for active weight gain.

    Side effects

    Increase in body fat percentage. We expect this, since the drug itself causes an increase in appetite and it is much easier to get fat deposits.

    If the recommended dose is exceeded, the appearance of acne (acne rash, pimples), baldness or active hair growth is possible. To avoid this, it is necessary to sometimes do hormone tests during the course and adjust the dosage.


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