Testosterone Propionate 1 bottle/10 ml (100 mg/1 ml)


Testosterone Propionate from Hilma Biocare is also used to treat male androgen deficiency and is widely used in various therapeutic practices. During the year, Testosterone Propionate gained popularity among the female population in the treatment of such conditions as cystic mastopathy, climacteric problems, endometriosis and increased lactation.

Testosterone Propionate from Cygnus Pharma is the fastest ester, so injections have to be done often. Nevertheless, already after the first injection, the athlete will feel a rush of explosive power, which is due to a sharp increase in the hormone content in the blood. At the end of taking the drug strongman will not feel tired for a long time under heavy loads.

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Using Testosterone Propionate, athletes can increase muscle mass gain, increase strength, increase oxygen content in blood cells to stimulate faster regeneration of muscle and bone tissue. In addition, it promotes sexual well-being, stimulates a positive emotional background and accelerates fat burning.


  • Active half-life (days): from 2 to 3 days
  • Usage (men): 300-450 mg per week
  • Oil-based: Yes
  • Retains water: Yes
  • Flavoring: Yes

Testosterone propionate has been known since 1937 under the brand name Testoviron, which dominated the market until the 1960s. Although testosterone propionate has since lost its leading position, it is still widely used in the medical field, by bodybuilders and athletes.

Dosage and method of application of Testosterone Propionate

  • The usual cycle length is 8-12 weeks (some athletes can use up to 16 weeks)
  • Beginners: 50 mg/day
  • Hobbies: 100 mg/day
  • Professionals: 100-200 mg/day
  • Women: 10-50 mg/every second day
  • Half-life: 1-2 days
  • Detection time: 3 months (some athletes reported a maximum time of about 12 months)

When using this product, you should consider the possibility of taking drugs to regulate the level of prolactin.In addition, to minimize side effects, consider the possibility of including HGH, gonadotropin, boldenone, letrozole, exemestane or anastrozole.

Effects of taking testosterone propionate

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increases the level of IGF-1 and MGF hormones
  • Reduces the amount of fat in the body
  • It reduces the risk of heart ischemia and coronary disease
  • Increases libido and potency (possible reverse effect)
  • Increases strength
  • Improves muscle relief
  • Increases energy
  • Accelerates regeneration
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Increases the content of minerals in bone tissue
  • Anti-catabolic effect on muscle tissue due to its action as an anti-glucocorticoid
  • If the dosage is chosen correctly, it is possible to avoid water retention or minimize this effect.
  • Side effects

    The most common side effects attributed to testosterone propionate include acne, temporary cessation of testosterone production, elevated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and aromatization.

    Testosterone Propionate shows excellent results and can be safely used with short esters and HGH.


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