Xanodrol 100 tab. (10 mg/1 tab.)


Xanodrol (Oxandrolone) from Malay Tiger is a powerful synthetic anabolic with high anabolic activity and fairly low androgenic action. It is used in bodybuilding mainly for the formation of muscle relief and normalization of weight. The drug is not used to gain muscle mass: its main properties are its beneficial effect on muscle relief and muscle strength. Oxandrolone increases the level of growth hormone, participates in the process of burning excess fat deposits. Oxandrolone has very low androgenic activity and does not convert to estrogen.


Oxandrolone has a positive effect on the nitrogen balance in the body, improves protein metabolism and the general well-being of the athlete. The drug strengthens the bone tissue and stimulates the nervous system. Oxandrolone helps athletes recover quickly after heavy loads and is an excellent anti-catabolic agent.

Xanodrol steroid profile

  • Anabolic effect 400% of testosterone.
  • Androgenic effect is 25% of testosterone.
  • The level of conversion to estrogens (aromatization) is absent.
  • The effect on the liver is weak/moderate.
  • Tablet release form.
  • The period of action is up to 12 hours.
  • Detection time at doping control is up to one and a half months.

Xanodrol (Oxandrolone) This drug is mainly used by athletes in courses aimed at drying muscles. The active components of this drug contribute to the acceleration of regeneration processes, the strengthening of bone tissues and the elimination of fatty deposits. But these are far from all the effects that the steroid can achieve when taken in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist.

The first modification of this drug was developed specifically for use for medical purposes. But over time, the drug began to be taken also by bodybuilders and other athletes of various sports. The properties of this drug allow you to improve the quality of muscles, affect the production of somatropin and increase strength indicators.

The effectiveness of oxandrolone

In order to achieve impressive results, it is necessary to take this drug in strict accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician. Thus, this drug will allow to achieve such results as:

  • Increasing relief and hardness of muscle mass,
  • Increase in physical fitness indicators,
  • Effect on the synthesis of growth hormone,
  • Getting rid of fat deposits.

Athletes with experience of taking this steroid note its high effectiveness in courses aimed at improving the quality of gained mass.

Use of oxandrolone

On average, the duration of the course can last from 4 to 6 weeks. At the same time, experts recommend taking the drug no more than 20 mg per day, dividing the daily dose into two doses.

However, if taking the drug did not cause side effects, specialists may recommend increasing the dosage to 80 mg, starting from the second week of the course. Moreover, compliance with a certain diet and additional intake of various sports supplements will increase the effectiveness of taking the drug.

After completing the course as PCT, it is best to take Tamoxifen for two weeks. Thus, it will be possible to restore the body's natural production of testosterone without any problems.Many athletes take this drug in combination with Primobolan, which allows not only to prevent side effects, but also to increase the effectiveness of the course.

Oxandrolone combination

To prevent side effects and obtain better results, athletes can combine Oxandrolone with Sustanon and Primobolan.

Contraindications and side effects

Oxandrolone cannot be used by people with prostate hypertrophy, liver and kidney diseases.

Long-term use leads to a decrease in potency and inhibition of natural testosterone production. To restore the hormonal balance, the use of Gonadotropin is recommended.


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