Accadine (AC-262) 30 capsules (10 mg/1 capsule)


AC-262 from Special Force Pharm is an ideal choice in SARMs for performance enhancement with minimal impact on muscle mass growth. Akkadin AC-262 gives about 66% of the effect of testosterone.



SARMs are selective modulators of androgen receptors that bind to a selective form of receptors and, thus, produce the desired effects.

The compound, however, was intended for the treatment of such serious brain diseases as Alzheimer's disease and symptoms of prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, the treatment of these conditions somehow had an additional effect – increased muscle growth.

Special Force Pharm Accadine mechanism of action

The mode of action of AC-262 is similar to most SARMs, but its affinity for the receptor is low, due to which the probability of side effects is insignificant.

The main principle of the androgen receptor is the production of testosterone, which increases muscle mass and improves bone density by increasing sexual tissue.

Some experts believe that overproduction of testosterone can also affect mental activity.

In women, stimulation of the AR receptor can lead to multiple sexual disorders, such as clitoral enlargement, and in men, there is an increased likelihood of prostate cancer and gonadal shrinkage.

Accadine AC-262 works in a different way, avoiding direct binding to these androgen receptors.

This leads to the recruitment of muscle mass, but does not affect sexual health.

Influence on the potency of AC-262

The limits of androgenic activity of akkadin are about 27%, but it can create anabolic effects, which can be enough to build up a huge mass in the shortest possible time.

Not every compound with high anabolic activity also has a higher androgenic effect.

The use of higher doses of AC-262 increases the level of performance and muscle mass growth better than when using the maximum dose of RAD-140.

Advantages of Special Force Pharm Accadine

Increase in muscle mass

AC-262 tends to increase the size of the pelvic muscles, this SARM effect is similar to testosterone, which has many side effects.

Prevention of prostate cancer

The main action of AC-262 is the deactivation of DHT, which stimulated the growth of prostate cancer. The opposing effects inhibit cell proliferation of cancer in the prostate gland. In addition, AC-262 eliminates the side effects that users experience after developing this type of cancer.

Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Acadia Pharmaceuticals conducted a study of AC-262 where it showed effects such as enhancing spatial memory control that helped reverse Alzheimer's disease. There are other studies confirming the fact that AC-262 is indeed able to increase the level of androgen receptors, which is behind this significant effect.

Reduction of elevated levels of luteinizing hormone

Studies show that AC-262 reduces elevated levels of luteinizing hormone (LH).Although this may seem counterintuitive, since LH is a precursor to the natural production of testosterone, there are some diseases that can benefit from lowering abnormally high LH levels. Remember that even with reduced levels of LH, akkadin still managed to produce similar effects of testosterone on muscle growth and development.

  • Serving size: 1 capsule
  • Number of servings per package: 30
  • Accadine AC-262,536 – 10 mg

How to take Akkadin AC-262

Take 2 capsules a day, after breakfast. For a period of 8 to 12 weeks with a subsequent 4-8 week break.

Side effects from Accadine

This is the beauty of AC-262, it works like testosterone, but without the side effects caused by excess testosterone production.

Long-term evaluations of the effectiveness of AC-262 show that it can be used for a long time without any dangerous consequences.

Do you need PCT with AC-262?

Since SARMs do not disrupt the level of hormones in the body, traditional PCT is not required. However, many users report that they take a mini-PCT, such as a testosterone booster, for 4 weeks to balance their hormone levels.


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