Apollo 5 tab. (50 mg/1 tab.)


Apollo from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which is an excellent analogue of the well-known Viagra. First of all, the drug affects the potency of the person taking it. Reception of Apollo makes potency stable and pronounced, increases libido and the duration of erection itself. Bodybuilders and athletes use the drug for pumping.

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In sports disciplines, such as powerlifting and bodybuilding, Apollo promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which has a beneficial effect on the saturation of the muscles with oxygen and other vital micro- and macronutrients, amino acids.

The positive effect of Sildenafil (the active substance of Apollo) is manifested only in the presence of sexual arousal, so you should not be afraid that taking the pill can cause an uncontrolled erection. If after taking the pill during the period of action of the substance there will be no partner or object of excitement near the man, then no spontaneous erection will appear, but only the expected result of accelerated blood supply for productive training.

Effects of reception of Apollo

  • libido increases,
  • potency improves,
  • testosterone level increases
  • blood circulation improves,
  • a pumping effect is observed,
  • the cardiovascular system is strengthened,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • quick recovery between sexual acts,
  • increased erection,
  • the growth of muscle tissue is observed.
  • Application and dosage of Apollo

    Before starting the course of the drug, it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications in the form of heart disease, kidney and liver failure. The optimal dosage of the drug is 25 mg per day. Tablets should be taken once every 2 days.This scheme will avoid habituation and increase the effectiveness of the course. Some athletes can take Apollo daily. The average duration of the course is 2-2.5 months. If the drug is taken daily, the course is reduced to 1.5-2 months.

    Apollo as a pre-workout is sufficient to take before training in dosages of up to 25 mg. It is not necessary to take pills on non-training days, it will not have a positive effect in achieving high sports results.

    If you use sildenafil to improve the quality of your sexual life, take 50-100 mg 20-30 minutes before planned sexual contact, drinking the tablets with a large amount of water. This dosage will be quite sufficient for a 3-4 time effect.

    Side effects

    • back pain
    • neck pain
    • palpitation,
    • dizziness,
    • tachycardia,
    • feeling hot
    • headache,
    • a feeling of euphoria
    • flushes to the face.

    When comparing the drugs Apollo and Viagra, it is worth noting that the drug based on the active substance Sildenafil citrate is less toxic than Viagra. Side effects are extremely rare, except in cases where the dosage has been increased many times by the athlete. For example, an athlete takes pills 2-3 times a day.

    What other drugs will affect Apollo

    Apollo should not be taken with Ritonavir. When taking this drug together with Ketoconazole, Cimetidine, Erythromycin, the initial dosage of Apollo should not exceed 25 mg.


    Apollo Balkan should not be taken by men under the age of 18 and after 65 years. With caution, the drug is prescribed to people who have suffered a stroke and less than three months have passed since the disease.


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