Cleno 100 tab. (40 μg/1 tab.)


The best fat burner of all time in professional sports has been achieved. It contributes to active fat burning and maintenance of the gained muscles after the AS course. Applicable both in professional and amateur sports. Effectively fights with fat deposits, helps to form an athletic figure of the body.



Pharmacological action

Based on research and reviews, the use of clenbuterol gives the following positive effects:

  • Burning fat, drying muscles.
  • Growth of strength and endurance.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Prevention of muscle catabolism.
  • Small anabolic action (slight muscle growth).
  • A sufficiently low frequency of side effects (irreversible effects are practically absent).

Steroid profile

The drug does not have a steroid profile

Application and dosage

To achieve the maximum result from the course, experts recommend that beginners take the steroid for no more than two weeks. Such a duration of the course will allow the desired effect, and at the same time avoid habituation of the body to the components of the steroid. Experienced athletes indicate that they managed to achieve the highest results during a 21-day course.

However, you should not start taking Clenbuterol on your own, it is best to pass the necessary tests before the start of the course and take into account the recommendations of a specialist who took into account the experience of taking drugs for sports, the level of training of the athlete and the desired results will make the most suitable course duration and dosage.


It is well combined with the drug Cytomed and pharmaceutical preparations with the task of drying

Side effects

When using clenbuterol, such effects as hand tremors, tremors in the voice, increased blood pressure and arrhythmias may occur


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