Clomid 25 tab. (50 mg/1 tab.)


Clomid from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is an estrogen receptor modulator, a gonadotropin stimulator. It is used by bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes to restore testosterone levels after taking anabolic drugs and suppressing estrogen production.



Today, this drug is one of the most famous among athletes. Despite the fact that it is not characterized by an anabolic effect on the body, it allows you to effectively neutralize the negative consequences associated with taking steroids.

Effects of taking Clomid

  • Strengthening protein synthesis and increasing hypertrophy (growth) of muscle fibers, that is, the anabolic effect of the drug is 88% of the main male sex hormone,
  • Androgenic effect, that is, the ability of the drug to cause such phenomena as masculinization and virilization is 44% of testosterone, which makes the drug more preferable for the female sex,
  • Hepatotoxicity from Primobolan is rather weakly expressed, having a weakly expressed effect on the liver,
  • The period of time during which it is possible to detect the drug in the blood of a person is up to 100 days from the time of taking methenolone in the form of tablets and up to six months when taking the drug Primobolan in the form of injections.
  • The serum concentration of the substance (total content in the body) is halved from 5 to 20 hours in the form of tablets and from 4 to 7 days in the form of an injection,
  • The method of application is oral
  • In addition, Primo is not aromatized, so there is no need to use aromatase inhibitors. At the same time, the risk of mammary gland enlargement with accompanying hypertrophy of glands and adipose tissue is reduced to zero.

Pharmacological action

Clomid resembles estrogen in its chemical composition and properties, affects estrogen receptors in the ovaries and pituitary gland and causes a surge in the activity of releasing hormones (luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones).

This reaction, in turn, affects the increase in testosterone levels.

Clomid prevents the occurrence of side effects caused by estrogens, in particular, gynecomastia (female-type breast enlargement).

Taking Clomid after anabolic courses is extremely important for the regulation of internal hormonal processes.

Application and dosage of Clomid

The duration of taking Clomid is 7-10 days, a maximum of 2 weeks. Athletes usually start using Clomid as a post-course therapy (PCT) drug 7-10 days after taking anabolic agents.

The recommended dose is 50-100 mg per day (this is 1-2 tablets).

It is better to take Clomid once a day after a meal with water.

If the reception starts with 100 mg per day, after five days of the course it is better to reduce the dose to 50 mg.

Since Clomid promotes the production of natural testosterone, the drug is used with maximum caution without exceeding the recommended dosages.

Combining Clomid with other drugs

In some cases, Clomid is not used after, but directly during the anabolic courses, such an approach is appropriate when the courses have a longer duration.

It is also possible to add 40-60 mg of tamoxifen per day – this is if the course of steroids was prolonged.

Side effects and contraindications

Clomid is contraindicated in renal or hepatic insufficiency, tumors or hypofunction (excessive activity) of the pituitary gland, individual intolerance of the substances that make up the drug.

Exceeding the dose can cause headache, insomnia, nausea, slowing down of motor or mental reactions. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur.

Clomid from Magnus is an affordable and relatively safe drug necessary for recovery therapy after anabolic courses.


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