Clominox 50 tab. (50 mg/1 tab.)


Clominox from Malay Tiger is intended for suppression of estrogens and is suitable for use after any course of AAS. Clominox (Clomid) on PCT is used by athletes in post-course therapy, which allows you to quickly restore the production of your own testosterone.



After using steroids, an imbalance of sex hormones occurs in a man's body, estrogens begin to prevail due to a strong suppression of endogenous testosterone production, therefore, it is necessary to take anti-estrogens after each course of AAS, such as: Tamoxifen citrate, Clomiphene citrate. The cost of Clomid is higher than tamoxifen, however, the drug is more effective, it belongs to the 2nd generation of anti-estrogens.

Pharmaceutical properties of Clominox (Clomid)

The drug blocks estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland and stimulates the production of hormones LH and FSH, which increases the production of own testosterone. The level of LH and FLH is also reduced after using AAS, so it is necessary to increase them.

The drug stimulates spermatogenesis, which is important. The medication will not allow gynecomastia to develop until the hormonal background has returned to normal. Helps eliminate feminization and get rid of excess water in the body.

Clomid in post-course therapy is a basic drug and is suitable for use after any course of AAS.

How to take Clominox

The drug should be taken alone or together with Tribulus and vitamin complexes. Having decided to take Clomid, you should choose a regimen based on the duration of the course and dosage.

  • Very easy 15 days. 50 mg / 15 days. 25 mg daily.
  • Easy 15 days. 50 mg / 15 days. 25 mg/15 days, 25 mg every other day.
  • Average 30 days. 50 mg / 15 days. 25 mg daily.
  • Heavy 15 days.100 mg per 15 days. 50 mg/15 days, 25 mg daily
  • Very heavy 15 days. 100 mg per 15 days. 50 mg/15 days, 25 mg daily

The reception should be started after the cessation of the action of AAS, consumed after a meal, washed down with water.

How to take Clominox (Clomid) for PCT?

It is worth remembering that the time and dosage of Clomid depends on the steroid course that was taken. It is not necessary to take clomid during the course of AAS. Clomiphene after the course helps to quickly restore the level of endogenous hormones, as well as to retain the gained weight.

So, as for the time of the start of reception, it all depends on the steroid on the course, I usually consider the half-life time. For example, if you had testosterone enanthate, PCT starts 14 days after the last injection. Dosages always depend on the severity of the course, the approximate scheme of reception will look like this:

  • Very heavy course 3*150/12*100/15*50/15*25,
  • Heavy course 15*100/15*50/15*25,
  • Average course 30*50/15*25,
  • Easy course -15*50/15*25/15*25 (once every 2 days),
  • Very easy course 15*50/15*25.

Clomid side effects

Side effects are rare, but still there. After taking clomid, problems with vision may appear, as well as any oral drug, it is toxic to the liver, even to a small degree. Headaches, insomnia, nausea, stomachaches, etc. occur. After the end of the reception, all side effects disappear within a few days.


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