Eurotropin EPF 1 bottle of 10 ml (100 iu)


Eurotropin EPF is a recombinant growth hormone, completely identical to the endogenous analogue in the human body. Chemically, it is a peptide hormone (polypeptide) of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. It is used by athletes mainly for the purpose of high-quality growth and formation of muscle relief (but it can have a wider sports and medical purpose from stimulation of linear growth to strengthening of bones).



A bottle with a volume of 10 ml contains 100 units of growth hormone in liquid form.

Today, Eurotropin from Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals is one of those drugs that, in combination with steroids, can turn you into a real muscle monster! Counterfeit protection is present. Buy Eurotropin is simply necessary if you want to strengthen bones, ligaments and joints, strengthen immunity and gain quality muscle mass.

Benefits of using Eurotropin EPF

  • reduces fat deposits, catalyzes lipolysis,
  • increases physical strength and increases muscle mass,
  • gives a sense of well-being,
  • stabilizes and improves the work of the cardiovascular system,
  • has a strengthening effect, rejuvenates the body,
  • improves brain activity,
  • leads to the resumption of regeneration and development of some organs that could atrophy with age,
  • improve skin condition, reduce wrinkles,
  • stimulates the production of bone marrow cells that produce red blood cells,
  • improves the condition of bone tissue,
  • strengthens immunity.

How to use Eurotropin EPF?

It is taken from 3 units per day, not less than 3-4 months.

Didn't find the answer why? Because during the first 2 months, in a large number of cases, "side effects" manifest themselves, and large dosages only increase them.

Side effects are "infusion" (fluid retention in the body) and "tunnel syndrome". (minor pain sensations in the wrist joint, including the fingers). It is unlikely that it would be smart to take an inexpensive growth hormone so that your hand will be flooded and hurt?

After 2 months (in some earlier, in some – later), the side effects pass and the effect of the hormone can be felt in full force.


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