Growtropin 1 bottle/2 ml (16 iu)


Such an effective drug as Growtropin 16 iu is very common among athletes. It is based on the same growth hormone (somatotropin), which qualitatively improves many indicators of an athlete. Who will benefit from Growtropin? For athletes who want to quickly increase the muscle volume in their body without harm to their health and children who suffer from stunted growth.



The drug Growtropin has a positive effect on the whole body as a whole, however, it is especially valued by athletes and experts for the following beneficial properties:

  • All excess fat is burned quickly and efficiently,
  • The athlete's weight category stabilizes,
  • The percentage of muscle mass in the body increases,
  • Catabolic processes are suppressed, as well as the destruction and destruction of muscle tissues,
  • The positive nitrogen balance is normalized,
  • The regeneration process is faster,
  • The recovery period is accelerated.

In addition, Growtropin, according to athletes, helps to shorten the recovery period after excessive physical exertion, helps to accelerate metabolic processes and restore metabolism. And after the course, the condition of the hair, nail plates and every integument improves noticeably.

Taking the drug promotes energy saturation, increasing physical endurance and strength, which is especially important in strength sports.

Peculiarities of using Growtropin in bodybuilding

it is considered one of the most safe and effective drugs. Growth hormone can be used by both professional athletes and beginners.Moreover, it is possible to take ego both as an independent drug and in combination with other steroids, depending on the desired result and the degree of physical exertion.

The optimal dosage and duration of the course are calculated by a trainer or specialist individually for each athlete, depending on the degree of load, age and weight category. Self-administration of the hormone without consultation with the trainer is categorically prohibited.

Possible side effects of the Growtropin drug

Growtropin is perfectly tolerated, the likelihood of side effects is almost non-existent. A negative reaction of the body to the drug is caused by an excess dosage or the presence of individual intolerance to the drug. Possible side effects are nausea, extremely rarely vomiting, frequent bouts of dizziness, allergic reactions of hypersensitivity.

Growtropin on the background of taking other drugs

Buy Growtropin 16 iu is recommended because of its positive qualities:

  • The drug is perfectly absorbed in the body, the person easily tolerates injections, does not experience side effects,
  • Fat is transformed into energy, so the energy potential of the athlete improves,
  • Growtropin is well combined with other drugs. However, solo application also gives positive results.


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