HGH fragment 176-191 1 vial/5 mg


HGH fragment 176-191 from Hilma Biocare is a peptide that does not need a long introduction. Studies of HGH Fragment 176-191 have shown its effectiveness as a fat burner and stimulator of the body's regenerative functions. The main task of this peptide is to accelerate the process of splitting fats (lipolysis) and significantly accelerate weight loss.



Using the fragment HGH 176-191, athletes can speed up metabolism, get high energy, stimulate lipolysis and significantly increase fat burning. In addition, it promotes the health of the body, fights the aging process and strengthens bones.


  • Active half-life (hours): from 20 to 30 hours
  • Dosage: 5 mg (5000 mcg)
  • Use (men): from 100 to 1000 mcg/day
  • Retains water: No
  • Flavoring: None

Human growth hormone (HGH), the tail part of the hormone is cut off, and what is removed is a fragment of HGH 176-191. This is the part of HGH that represents its fat-burning ability.

This is the main and possibly the only purpose of HGH Frag 176-191 use for fat loss and dieting.

Dosage and method of application of HGH fragment 176-191

  • The usual duration of the cycle is 1-3 months
  • Beginners: 2 x 200 mcg/day (4 mcg/per 1 kg of body weight/day), 5-7 days a week, (200 mcg 1 hour before breakfast and 200 mcg 30 minutes before training)
  • Hobbies: 2 x 250 mcg/day (5 mcg/per 1 kg of body weight/day), 5-7 days a week, (250 mcg 1 hour before breakfast and 250 mcg 30 minutes before training)
  • Professional range: 3-4x200mcg/day (6-8mcg/per 1kg of body weight/day), 7 days a week (200mcg for 1 hour before breakfast, 200mcg for 1 hour before lunch and 200mcg for 30 minutes.before training and 200 mcg before bedtime).
  • Some athletes can take 1 mg per day (2x 350mcg + 1x 300mcg) or (4x 250mcg).
  • Women: usual range – 100-500 mcg/day (some athletes use more than 500 mcg).
  • Half-life: about 1 hour Note: the active period can be changed by the injection method

Effects of taking growth hormone 176-191

  • It has an incredible ability to regulate fat metabolism without adverse side effects on insulin sensitivity. After isolating the tail part of the GH molecule, scientists found that HGH Frag 176-191 works even better than HGH, stimulating lipolysis (fat splitting).
  • In addition, unlike other fat-burning compounds, users do not experience hunger or jitters.
  • Little can be said about the action of HGH Frag 176-191, except that it directly promotes fat loss.
  • The second effect is a slowing down of the aging process, strengthening of bones (mineralization) and an increased rate of energy expenditure.
  • Side effects

    Fragment HGH 176-191 is a peptide and does not cause side reactions associated with anabolic steroids. The most common side effects associated with the HGH 176-191 fragment are soreness or itching at the injection sites and insomnia.

    Compatibility with other drugs

    Fragment HGH 176-191 shows excellent results and can be safely used in combination with other peptides, any AAS and HGH.

    Method of storage

    • Protect from the world. Store in a place inaccessible to children.
    • In the form of powder at a temperature of -18 degrees for up to 5 years
    • In the form of a powder at a temperature of +2-8 degrees for up to 2 years
    • In the form of powder at room temperature for up to 6 months
    • After dissolution, it has a short shelf life (about 1 week in the refrigerator).
    • Never freeze mixed peptides
    • Bottles should NOT be intentionally shaken.

    For more information, please read the instructions.


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