Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin for Active Men 150 tab.


The unique Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin for Active Men vitamin complex from Optimum Nutrition is irreplaceable for real men, those who do sports, strive to gain muscle mass, and at the same time burn excess fat. Optimum Men from Optimum Nutrition (USA) for daily use, ideal for athletes who practice low-calorie diets and lead an active lifestyle.



  • Supports cellular energy and metabolism – B vitamins contribute to the breakdown and transportation of nutrients
  • Supports muscle health
  • Supports immunity

Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin consists of five groups of elements:

  • Amino – a group of 8 amino acids (including L-glutamine, L-arginine and BCAA) for rapid recovery and muscle growth,
  • Viri – a group of 8 rare herbs and algae that help increase male strength,
  • Phyto – 20 different fruit and vegetable concentrates for removing free radicals from the body,
  • Enzy – a group of 4 enzymes for improving the assimilation and digestion processes,
  • Opti – the basis of the Opti Men vitamin complex with 25 different vitamins and minerals,
  • vitamin A – actively participates in the production of testosterone, increases potency,
  • vitamin E – strengthens blood vessels, improves potency,
  • vitamins of group B take part in the assimilation of protein food and the construction of the muscle frame, the synthesis of sex hormones.

Take 3 tablets with a meal. Intended for healthy adults as part of a healthy balanced diet and physical exercise program.

Consult a doctor before use.


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