Oxyndrol 50 tab. (50 mg/1 tab.)


Oxyndrol from Malay Tiger (oxymetholone) is an anabolic steroid with a pronounced effect on muscle growth and strength indicators. This is an affordable and at the same time powerful drug that is in demand in bodybuilding and other strength disciplines. powerful stimulator of muscle growth. It has the strongest anabolic effect, helping to achieve noticeable results in a relatively short time.


With Oxymetholone, you can achieve a weight gain of 5-7 kg within 2 weeks. The drug contributes to the volume effect and has a positive effect on the nitrogen balance in the body.

The drug eliminates pain in the joints, provoking the production of synovial fluid and joint lubrication. It has a positive effect on the functionality of the bone system, helping calcium absorption.

It was originally used for medical purposes to treat osteoporosis, a skeletal disease.

Oxymetholone increases the erythrocyte mass of blood, which contributes to the intense saturation of tissues with oxygen: this increases the athlete's strength and endurance. Oxymetholone creates the so-called pump effect, an increased flow of blood to the muscle group involved in the specific moment of training.

Oxyndrol steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity – 320% of testosterone
  • Androgenic activity – 30% of testosterone
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) – no, but there may be progestin side effects similar to estrogen.
  • Liver toxicity – medium-high (comparable to methandrostenolone, toxicity directly proportional to dose)
  • Method of administration – orally (in tablets), extremely rarely in the form of an injection.
  • Duration of action – 15 hours (half-life – 9 hours)
  • Detection time – up to 12 weeks

Those who wish to increase strength, endurance and speed up weight gain without additional side effects can use Oxyndrol, which is produced by the Malaysian pharmaceutical company Malay Tiger.

Oxymethalone, also known to many athletes as Prometholone, is one of the most powerful steroids produced in tablet form. The active components of the drug allow the athlete to easily achieve the set goals. At the moment, judging by the numerous reviews on the network, this drug is really effective, and its effect persists even after the course is over.

The effect associated with taking Oxymethalone

The active components of this steroid allow the athlete to achieve significant muscle growth. Just one course of admission allows an athlete to gain weight up to 15 kilograms. At the same time, the return from the course will be up to 30% of the obtained effect.

Many athletes decide to buy this steroid because it helps to get rid of pain in the joints, while also improving their function.

It is worth noting that during the course, the steroid minimizes the level of globulin, which makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of taking other sports pharmacology drugs during the course.

Oxymetholone course

Specialists recommend taking this drug only to athletes without contraindications and to those who have reached the age of majority. Before starting the course, it is mandatory to undergo specialist examinations and pass all the necessary tests.

For each athlete, the specialist prescribes an individual dosage, which depends on the characteristics of the athlete's body, his goals and experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs.However, the daily average dosage should not exceed 100 milligrams per day, and the duration of the course should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Remember, it is highly not recommended to make an independent decision regarding increasing the dosage in order to increase the effectiveness of the course, this may lead to an increase in the likelihood of side effects.

At the end of the course, it is mandatory to conduct the PCT. In order to restore the level of endogenous testosterone, it is necessary to take boosters for 3-4 weeks. Some experts also recommend following a certain diet during the course.

It is allowed to combine this steroid with such drugs as Primobolan, Trenbolone, Boldenone, Stanozolol suspension and testosterone ester.

Combining with other steroids

Oxymetholone can be combined with injectable anabolic drugs. Well suited for combining Primobolan or Boldenone.

Side effects and contraindications

Exceeding dosages affects liver function, but this can be avoided by protecting this organ with hepatoprotectors.

Sometimes there is a decrease in appetite and nausea. Oxymetholone is an ideal drug, suitable both for beginners in the world of strength sports for a quick start, and for experienced athletes.


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