Tadalafil C-20 10 tab. (20 mg/1 tab.)


Tadalafil C-20 from Hilma Biocare is a PDE-5 inhibitor widely used in medicine as a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and prostatic hyperplasia. Also known as Cialis, it has the same effect as Viagra and Levitra. It is also used in bodybuilding to increase blood flow and increase endurance for complex training.

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With the help of Tadalafil, athletes can significantly increase sexual desire and erection. In addition, this medicine increases endurance, improves blood flow and has a positive effect on the work of the heart.


  • Active half-life period (hours): 17 hours
  • Application (men): from 5 to 20 mg
  • Retains water: No
  • Flavoring: None

Dosage and method of application of Tadalafil C-20

The recommended starting dose of tadalafil for use as needed in most patients is 10 mg, taken before the intended sexual activity. The dose can be reduced to 5 mg or increased to 20 mg depending on individual effectiveness and tolerability.

The maximum recommended frequency of administration is once a day for most patients. Tadalafil has been shown to improve erectile function within 36 hours after administration.

Advantages of Tadalafil C-20

  • There are many methods of treating erectile dysfunction, and each of them has its own advantages. Regular reception of Cialis will allow a person to be spontaneous. Let's discuss the benefits of Cialis.
  • This medicine takes almost 60 minutes to work and remains fully functional for 36 hours.If the treatment works correctly, the user will never encounter any problems in the prelude.
  • Whenever you take Cialis regularly, you can easily have sex three or four times a week.
  • This is the best medicine for ED, which can eliminate the possibility of ED from life.
  • Such a drug is known as a longer-acting agent, which is preferred by most patients with erectile dysfunction.
  • If you are sexually excited, then Cialis will work perfectly in your body.
  • Taking this pill will prolong the erection.
  • Such are the advantages of Cialis for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

To minimize the possibility of side effects, use vinpocetine or similar protective drugs when using this product.

Disadvantages of Tadalafil C-20

  • Two dosage types of Cialis are available: 10 and 20 mg. You must take the pills as directed, because a higher dose can damage the penis. Here are the disadvantages of such a pill.
  • Whenever you take higher doses of this drug, you will experience headaches, nasal congestion, heartburn, and back pain. To exclude the possibility of a respiratory infection, the user should consume 10 mg twice or thrice a week.
  • The combination of Viagra and Cialis can cause problems related to blood pressure.
  • If you regularly use this drug, it can irreversibly damage the penis.
  • Moreover, taking 2.5 mg of Cialis is not associated with any side effects. Tell us about the medicines you regularly take, because the combination of some medicines can lead to a heart attack and other infections.

Side effects

The most common side effects of tadalafil are headache, nasal congestion, facial flushing, and low blood pressure.

Compatibility with other drugs

Exclude other PDE-5 inhibitors together with this drug.


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