Adrafinil 30 capsules (300 mg/1 capsule)


Adrafinil from Special Force Pharm is a smart drug that is metabolized into Modafinil, to increase vigilance. This is a nootropic created in France in the 1970s. It was originally created to help people with sleep problems. But it quickly became clear that Adrafinil can enhance cognitive abilities. So this is a necessary drug for students, businessmen and people who just want to get more done without falling asleep.



For continuous and long-term use, it is highly recommended to use a sequence (or cycle) of two weeks of intake and one week off for detoxification and maintenance of tolerance, as well as prevention of potential addiction for certain people.

How Special Force Pharm Adrafinil works

Adrafinil was developed primarily for people suffering from narcolepsy, and also to try to improve cognitive abilities in the elderly, which deteriorate with age.

Its chemical composition is diphenylmethylsulfinyl-2-acetohydroxamic acid, a compound that has been found to actually help alertness and mental function.

Adrafinil is actually a prodrug (precursor) to Modafinil. This means that in the body, adrafinil is converted by the liver into modafinil. This was not known for some time until it was realized as a result of research. A prodrug is a substance that is destroyed by the body and in the process turns into something else.

At lower doses, it increases the production of a neurotransmitter called hypocretin. This can help increase alertness and alertness.

The entire ego chemical process in the body includes the following:

  • Increases dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, histamine, glutamate
  • Reduces GABA
  • But at a higher dose, adrafinil can significantly reduce fatigue. In addition, it was found that at higher doses, the clarity of the mind and its retention, speed of thinking, and productivity are significantly improved.

    Thus, in terms of how Adrafinil works, dose is important. The higher the dose, the better the effects, although there may be a plateau and ultimately, Adrafinil will not provide any additional benefits. In addition, higher doses can lead to more side effects.

    What are the effects of taking Adrafinil?

    • Increased energy, concentration and alertness,
    • Improving the speed of learning and reducing the number of errors when completing the task,
    • Ensuring the effect of clean energy,
    • Decreased sleepiness,
    • Improvement of motivation,
    • Increased wakefulness.

    Adrafinil is ideal for people who are looking for mental support, a real improvement in their cognitive functions within a short period of time. Ideal for students, business people and those who need to stay awake for a long time, for example, night shift workers, truck drivers, security guards, etc.

    Adrafinil allows you to think more clearly, faster and retain information better. You will feel more enthusiastic, full of ideas and more insightful. In addition, your reaction time can become faster.

    Adrafinil tends to provide pure energy effects unlike any other stimulant drug. No jitters or negative side effects like the caffeine in coffee and tea. Caffeine makes you anxious and jittery.

    Basically, you will feel awake. More alive.

    Composition of Special Force Pharm Adrafinil

    1 capsule contains 300 mg of adrafinil.

    How to take Adrafinil

    The correct dosage of Adrafinil for nootropic effects is often in the lower range, but depends on the individual, with 900 mg (3 capsules) being a good dosage to take.

    If you are thinking about trying Adrafinil for the first time, start with a dosage of 300 mg (1 capsule), which in many cases is a standard dosage. If you feel that this is not enough, take one more capsule, and after a while add another one to get 900 mg. By this point, you should definitely feel the benefits.

    Adrafinil vs Modafinil

    As for the results, Adrafinil Vs Modafinil there is no big difference between them.

    In both cases, you will feel that you are in the zone of deep focusing, you will feel more harmonious, more energetic, able to think more clearly, better motivated and with improved memory, for about six hours at a dose of about 600 mg.

    The reason for this is that, as you now know, adrafinil is metabolized to modafinil in the liver. Thus, the chemical action that produces nootropic effects is identical, it's just that Adrafinil must be metabolized before it works.

    Some people assume that they don't sweat as much when taking Adrafinil as Modafinil. So if you have problems with sweating, hyperhidrosis, and you sweat from taking Modafinil, then you can try Adrafinil.

    Side effects of Adrafinil

    Side effects may occur with high dosages and frequent use.

    • Adrafinil is transformed in the liver, which opens a small possibility for liver damage with long-term intensive use,
    • Possible increase in blood pressure,
    • Increased stress and aggression,
    • nausea,
    • Arrhythmia,
    • Dry mouth,
    • Stomach pain
    • Skin irritation.


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