Somatrop HGH 100 iu (2 vials of 50 iu)


Somatrop HGH from Somatrop Lab is a truly golden and safe drug with excellent properties both for people who need it for medical reasons and for athletes. It is also prescribed to children with developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system.



In strength sports and bodybuilding, growth hormone is used to quickly gain quality muscle mass, increase the relief of the body, strength and endurance. All this allows you to achieve maximum results at competitions. Growth hormone injections contribute to the development of somatic and skeletal cells, acceleration of the metabolism of the digestive organs, and recovery of the body after intensive training and injuries.


  • Packaging: 10 ml (25 ml)
  • Water retention level: yes
  • Flavoring: no
  • Approximate dosage: for men from 1 to 15 units.
  • Active substance: human growth hormone
  • Half-life: 2 to 3 hours
  • Class: Peptide hormone

Dosage and method of application of Somatropa

The optimal dosage for an athlete is 5 IU of recombinant growth hormone per day. This will give you excellent results in any sport and allow you to accept ego for a long period of time without becoming stable. Of course, the results from a dosage of 10 IU per day will be simply irresistible. Especially in the field of bodybuilding and powerlifting. But if a drug of low purity is chosen, somatropin will quickly cause the body to get used to it, and the effectiveness of the course will drop at a higher cost.

If you plan to use growth hormone for drying, a small dosage of 2-3 ED per day is enough.

After injection of growth hormone, the level of somatropin in the blood reaches its maximum after 3-4 hours.At this time, it is better to take a test for THG: be sure to use a high-quality drug or simply monitor its level in the blood during the course. After 4 hours, the concentration of growth hormone will begin to slowly decrease. The period of ego reduction is up to 8-10 hours. Therefore, it is better to divide the daily dose into two injections. This will allow you to maintain the necessary level of the drug during the day.

The best time for reception is when the blood sugar level is low, i.e. in the morning on an empty stomach, and also after or during training. If it is a day without training, then after a couple of hours after lunch.

Effects of taking Somatropa

The best results are observed when the course lasts from 3 to 6 months.

  • Increase in muscle mass and strength
  • Synthesis of collagen (strengthening of ligaments and tendons)
  • Better sleep
  • Improvement of lipid profile
  • It promotes fat burning
  • Somatropin also has the following actions:

    Carbohydrate exchange, lipid exchange, mineral exchange, connective tissue exchange

    Side effects

    • hypoglycemia
    • Tunnel syndrome
    • Pain in the joints
    • insomnia
    • Emotional anxiety

    Compatibility with other drugs

    It is often used in combination with anabolic steroids during the course. Sometimes growth hormone can be combined with other drugs, such as insulin.


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