TN-Tropin 1 bottle 15 mg (15 iu)


TN-Tropin from TN Pharma is an American growth hormone with uncompromising quality. It reduces fat deposits and helps build muscle relief. Basically, this drug is used for rejuvenation and improvement of sports performance, such as: endurance, strength, better recovery, etc.



TN-Tropin supports the growth and thickening of bones, muscles and other tissues. This hormone has a powerful anabolic effect, stimulating protein synthesis in muscle tissue, as well as fat metabolism, mobilizing fatty acids from cells as a source of energy.

Growth hormone from TN Pharma is in itself a more special drug due to the peculiarities of its storage. At higher temperatures, the drug often loses its properties. Many argue that it is useful to store the hormone in a cool place (refrigerator, freezer) only after it dissolves, but in fact, if the growth hormone has been lying around for more than two or three months (before it dissolves), it , loses part of its action.

Effects of taking growth hormone (Somatropin)

Somatropin promotes skeletal growth, growth and differentiation of organs, and body weight gain (synergistically with sex and thyroid hormones, as well as vitamin D). It is important to understand that the growth hormone produced as a result does not have a direct effect on the body, but only stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factors (IGF) and somatomedins into the blood, through which the action of THG is realized. (The problem is that the liver is capable of producing only a limited amount of these substances. And if hormones are injected externally, they only stimulate the liver to produce and release these substances, without directly affecting the body.).

The action of Somatropin includes three components:

  • creating the optimal level of substrates for growth (carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, minerals, etc.),
  • stimulation of the synthesis of growth factors,
  • direct action on tissues that have somatotropin receptors.
  • Despite the lack of research data on the possibilities of using somatotropin in sports, the experience of bodybuilders shows that injections of somatotropin can increase muscle volume and reduce fat reserves. However, there are such! bodybuilders who did not get even a fraction of the expected effect. Unfortunately, there are no reliable data on the ratio of people who achieved and did not achieve the desired effect. In the literature, there are the following assumptions regarding the possible reason for the lack of results:

    • the dosage of the drug was too low and (or) it was used for an insufficiently long time. These problems are quite understandable, since growth hormone preparations are very expensive,
    • training in a cool hall and (or). living in a cold climate suppresses the release of somatotropin. Perhaps this factor reduces the effectiveness of exogenously administered growth hormone,
    • intake of glucose reduces HGH-reaction. This means that if the athlete trains with a high level of glucose in the blood or makes injections of growth hormone in case of hyperglycemia, then the anabolic effects of somatotropin preparations can be reduced.

    Growth hormone (somatropin) is also prescribed to healthy aging people. Many doctors believe that its use in the elderly helps to slow down the destruction associated with aging. By influencing metabolism, growth hormone affects muscle mass, strength, energy, cell regeneration, and fat loss.However, in order for ego to be prescribed as an adult drug in the US, the patient must have a diagnosis of pituitary disease or a history of growth hormone deficiency. According to the federal laws of the USA, prescribing growth hormone off-label is illegal.

    Method of storage of the drug

    Before starting to take the drug, carefully read the prescribing information. Ego should be stored in a dry place, away from heat and moisture. 20 – 25 C (66 – 77 F). Do not use after the expiration date.


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